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Author Topic: According to Google Trends, interest in Bitcoin and Ethereum fell by 75%  (Read 1900 times)

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The number of Bitcoin and Ethereum search queries in Google has dropped significantly from the high of 100%, to 25% according to the Google Trends web application.[/size]Interestingly, in countries most interested in Bitcoin, statistics have also changed. It was primarily African states that showed the greatest interest, but now it is mostly economically developed countries.The situation with the Ethereum crypto currency has a similar tendency. While it managed to restore general interest in January, after the December fall, it fell from about to 25% of requests.However, the reasons for this situation are difficult to understand, because Google's search queries are not the main indicator. That is why they may not correspond to price movements.When this changes, no one knows, but the number of transactions in the Bitcoin network has dropped to 150000, at the same level as two years ago.


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