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You are tempted to share something you have found with friends or colleagues via Facebook messenger but do not want to be found out.
You can also copy and paste a link into your email.
To prevent enemies of laws from gaining access to your email and private photos, I recommend that you include a time-zone lock on any URLs posted in your email.
However, how can you prevent businesses and institutions from stealing information by copying and pasting a PDF file into an email, thereby bypassing time-zone locks?
The file is usually not copy and pasteable.
How can you prevent companies from defrauding private individuals through the use of emails?
There are ways but they are not very attractive to your bank or phone company.
The Anti Copyright Group (ACG) provides the following advice on the how to stop the copying of emails.
- Use encryption. Google Chrome provides free encryption to protect your emails for instance.
- Use a privacy settings option.
- Make different versions.
- Use a security solution such as Signal or PoP Crypto.
Don’t steal people’s money. Be a consumer and do not steal money from other people for your own gratification.
Robert Cavanaugh,
www truepnlcom


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