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Facebook will ban ads related to ICO and electronic money[/size]According to recent information, facebook will ban ads related to BO, electronic money and ICO. The decision came after the electricity market erupted, leading to a series of fraudulent activities relate to electronic money. "This is a step towards enhancing the integrity and security of Facebook ads". This is a necessary step and a good step forward for the electronic money market, as most of the ICO ads on facebook are low quality ICOs or fraudulent signs.

In my view, the biggest mistake any trader do is not to give importance to Crypto News, as it is kind of aspect that controls everything. So if we are not giving priority to it, I just can’t see our self going into the right direction. I always start and close my day ensuring that I know what could be possible and the outcome of what already happened. It is a simple formula of how one is able to perform and able generate sufficient returns for himself.

It's endlessly fascinating to me how they did this right before they announced their Libra project.


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