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Price of Bitcoin escalated high elapses $11k in August,2019


[/size]After having a fourth cheerful day in a cordon, the price of bitcoin escalated above $11,000 per bitcoin in a continuance of the last 24 hour.[/color]
[/size]The pre-eminent cryptocurrencies total market cap is $283 billion, which are all in green as the Bitcoin price escalated 8%. The price of Bitcoin in the past three days is at the top by 10%.[/color]
[/size]In the preceding hours of 2nd August 2019, the price reached further $11,550, which is moving towards the heights. Just one day back when at the end of Thursday, the BTC/USD leap from $9,915 to $10,225 within one hour, which was way back splendid.[/color]
[/size]This rise in price escalation clearing the set to reach double in the coming months and the bitcoin value seemed to be in greater demand than alternative cryptocurrency in the market.[/color]
[/size]The price again reached a further $11,500 resistance level overhead the $11,000 level, which allowed the access and choices for more attainment. Consequently, In the approaching conclave, The possibility is higher there for more attainment overhead the $11,500 and $11,600 levels.[/color]
[/size]Coinmarketcap results:[/color]
[/size][/color][/size]Bitcoin Price-> $11,559.14  USD
* [/size]Bitcoin ROI-> 7,632.55%
* [/size]Market Rank-> #1
* [/size]Market Cap-> $182,773,491,159 USD
* [/size]24 Hour Volume-> $16,786,891,433 USD.
* [/size]Circulating Supply-> 17,852,325 BTC
* [/size]In the spirited zone, the drive is gradually losing by Hourly MACD. For BTC/USD, The Hourly Relative Strength Index is towards the 55 levels, which is in present rectifying further down.[/color]
[/size]News Source: TheCoinRepublic[/color]


but what price now?

Indeed, would you analyze its current trend?


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