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WBTC and YFI pose a threat to Bitcoin


Selina Mary:
The cryptos that could pose a threat to Bitcoin currently are Wrapped Bitcoin(WBTC) and WBTC and YFI are the cryptos which are priced at $11,846.27 and $11,081.14 whereas Bitcoin’s price is $11,802.26 at the time of reporting.For more read

Dora WalletInvestor:
It is interesting to watch these trends indeed. But like the article said Bitcoin is still considered "king" of cryptocurrencies, I think it would be a long way before these other currencies exceed Bitcoin in use and popularity.

Well it's worth noting here the fact that it's becoming popular is not always good news.
Because the same bitcoin wallets operate without control at all, and in fact amid the advantages there are also disadvantages, because if you are cheated - you will have difficulty proving that it really happened and you will have difficulty finding some things to solve these problems.
But I agree that the potential for bitcoin movement is really high and it's definitely not the limit yet and it will have some continuation.
Well what can I say - we have to be more attentive to these changes and we definitely still have a chance to catch a moment when everyone can make money on this asset.


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