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Soft Fork vs. Hard Fork

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A good question asked by OratesFratres and a very good repply by asaltandbuttering on r/bitcoinforum


--- Quote ---Could someone explain to me what these even mean? I'm still new to this, it's just that I'm still learning the terminology.

--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Hard fork creates a new network which folks must update their software to join. Soft forks do not create a new network.
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thank u for giving time to understand

I believe that hard fork can solve more problems and bring more needed changes

Interesting topic yet again.  I agree that hard fork would allow more positive results.

A brilliant answer and I agree with the saying that hard fork is a practice of generating new networks which ia surely more attractive option as well. You can not generate networks with the soft fork! What do you think guys in this regard?

Soft fork and hard fork is related to any divergence in the blockchain. A hard fork occurs when a single cryptocurrency splits in two. It occurs due to the change of the code. In a soft fork only one blockchain remains valid. Do you people agree with me?


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