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Soft Fork vs. Hard Fork

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A good question asked by OratesFratres and a very good repply by asaltandbuttering on r/bitcoinforum


--- Quote ---Could someone explain to me what these even mean? I'm still new to this, it's just that I'm still learning the terminology.

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--- Quote ---Hard fork creates a new network which folks must update their software to join. Soft forks do not create a new network.
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A hard fork is a type of change to the underlying software of a blockchain network that makes previously invalid blocks and transactions valid, and vice versa. This is a significant change to the network, and it requires all nodes and users to upgrade to the new software in order to continue participating in the network. Because a hard fork is a more drastic change, it provides an opportunity to make more significant improvements to the network and can also help to address critical issues more effectively.

узнал много полезного

I choose hardfork for sure
just better


Soft fork is a forward-inclusive fork in a blockchain or decentralized network. Hard forks are backward compatible, ensuring that new nodes can verify blocks from scratch.


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