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Soft Fork vs. Hard Fork

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A good question asked by OratesFratres and a very good repply by asaltandbuttering on r/bitcoinforum


--- Quote ---Could someone explain to me what these even mean? I'm still new to this, it's just that I'm still learning the terminology.

--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Hard fork creates a new network which folks must update their software to join. Soft forks do not create a new network.
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A soft fork is an upgrade to the software that is backward-compatible and has validators in an older version of the chain see the new version as valid. Effectively, a hard fork, more often than not, leads to a permanent chain separation, as the old version is no longer compatible with the new version.

It depends on your current mental condition
That's why it's hard to answer.
We're always in different situations.
Today, perhaps hard work; later, a soft style of work would be preferable.

With both hands for Hard F

thanks for your info about hard fork and soft fork its very helpful to me

everything has its pros and cons, I don't even know what to say here


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