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In recent days, Crypto exchange is a trendy topic among digital currency enthusiasts. Some of the renowned exchange platforms in the market are Binance, [censored], Localbitcoins, Paxful, and Wazirx.
Even though there are a lot of platforms in the market, several users prepare their own country exchange platform. And, this is how the Wazirx gets so famed among Indians today. Following this, we just have a look about it
What is Wazirx
Wazirx is a well known crypto exchange platform, where traders, investors and crypto enthusiasts can sell, buy, trade multiple crypto currencies on the global market. Wazirx is available for user access as a website and Mobile Application.
Wazirx clone script
The Wazirx clone script is a replica of the Wazirx Exchange.Wazirx clone script is a P2P crypto exchange platform script software that was developed on the line of top crypto exchange player wazrix. Wazirx clone script has high scalability, seamless, and users will have a delightful cryptocurrency exchange experience. It covers all the UI/UX designs and advanced functionalities.
Revenue Model for Entrepreneurs
Trading Fee - Transaction fee was applicable for every transaction.Trading commission - Admin can earn commission for each transaction execution on their platform.Deposit and Withdrawal - If we want to trade, we should deposit some amount of funds at that time admin can earn some amount and at the time of withdrawal, also admin can earn some revenueLending and borrowing - If a trader is lending and borrowing some tokens and coins the owner will earn some revenue.Multi Trading -In this platform multiple trade transaction  can be done which can helps to have huge users so the admin will earn some amount Token listing fee - If the trader lists some tokens, the admin will earn some amount of fee.Ads - By displaying third-party ads user can receive a amount from the owner Staking - By staking tokens using  Wazirx clone script, fees will be detected by the admin.
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