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DLUNA - DogeLuna is an innovative reward system. It involves NFTs into staking, moreover it supports lunatics, that have lost a lot of money in Terra Luna collapse. Doge Luna shows people that, having doge in token's name, does not necessary mean, that a project is a low quality or simply a rug pool. Doge Luna Team, created this ecosystem to start new revolution, open mind to some of newer people, we wrote more about it in our whitepaper, that is just below.

Our Project & Ecosystem
Doge Luna total amount of tokens - 1 Billion. Our plans and roadmap are in the whitepaper, but as we stated we would like to change crypto world in how staking is seen. We developed a system that makes staking nearly deflationary developing various simulations, to see wheather we were right or not. As it turned out results were extraordinary and out team want's to show this idea to entire world.

To Fight with ponzi-schemes, as LUNA proved to be a one, we developed anti ponzi system, in which, even though there is staking present, it has nothing to do with ponzi. We analyzed UST depeg, as well as LUNA crush percisely, and we found solutions, that needs to be shown to the entire world.


When it comes to DLUNA token, it is totally decentralized, by people having 70% of all tokens, 20% is in DAO for staking rewards, 5% is for marketing and last 5% is for team. Team's tokens are locked for first year as well as liquidity raised from pre-sale.

We even planned CEX listing in Q2 of 2022! Let's prove we are a strong community, and even stronger than LUNA itself. We are DLUNA, the dog surpassed their ecosystem, let's show the entire word, that sometimes changes are inevitable.

How to Buy
For now there is a pre-sale going on. But after it DLUNA could be bought at PancakeSwap and later in Q2 in some CEX (It's a secret for now).

DLUNA is a decentralized experiment and, as such, we always incentivize you to know about how it works, so that you know what you are investing in.

Doge Luna is a token that invented a new staking economy.
Our Pre Sale has started today and lasts till 26.05.2022.
You can check the entire roadmap, and whitepaper as well as buy tokens on our

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