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Earn Money Watching Videos and Playing Gamified Content!

GoldTube will Revolutionize the Video Streaming Industry through Monetization of Viewer’s Watch Time, allowing Viewers to Earn Money by Watching Videos & Playing Gamified Content on GoldTube.

GoldTube Provide Content Creators and Businesses the Network & Tools to Gamify their Video Content and Advertisement.

Use GoldTube to Improve Engagement, Increase Conversion, Raise Average Percentage View (APV), Extend Average View Duration (AVD), Boost Viewer Experience (VX), and Most Importantly: Earn More Money!

For Viewers:
🍿 Earn GoldTube (GOLT) Token From Watching Videos
🍿 Earn GoldTube (GOLT) Token From Playing Gamified Video Content
🍿 GOLT-TO-GOLD Staking System Allowing Viewers to Invest GOLT to Earn More GOLT within the GoldTube Ecosystem
🍿 Same Content, One is Free-To-Watch, One is Paid-To-Watch. Which Will You Choose?

For Content Creators:
🎥 Get Paid Up to 6x Times More per 1000 views
🎥 Improve APV, AVD, WT, CTR and Conversion through GoldTube Community
🎥 Improve Viewer Experience (VX)
🎥 Organic Traffic Directed to your Video
🎥 With More than 1 Billion Hours of Videos Uploaded to the Internet Every Month, How Can Content Creator Stand Out from the Others?

Pre-Launch Campaign Prize:
🅱 1 BITCOIN Will Be Awarded To Campaign Winner
🅱 Campaign Ends Before Official Launch Of GoldTube
🅱 Leaderboard is Updated Daily!

GoldTube Highlights:
⚙ Alpha Launched on 10.10.2021
⚙ Prototype System Available for Public Testing and Claim
⚙ Twitch 24/7 Stream | AMA session with Founder on Twitch Chat/ Telegram Everyday
⚙ GoldTube have its Own Development Team Consist of Blockchain, Web Development, App Development & Media Development.

⚙ Up-To-Date Total User: 900+
⚙ Daily Active Users: 150+

Visit GoldTube 24/7 Twitch Stream Here: newbielink: [nonactive]
GoldTube User with the Highest GOLT Token Before Official Launch Will be Awarded 1 Bitcoin.
Leaderboard will be Updated Daily.

GoldTube Current Prototype will be Testing the Hypothesis of "Will Viewers Watch Gamified Videos In Exchange For Money?".
GoldTube Alpha Launch Aim to Collect Statistics and Market Reactions Allowing Development Team to Pivot into the Right Direction.

Expect Final Product To Be a Standalone Platform Where Money is Credited Directly to Viewer After Every Video Watched.

GoldTube is Trying to Create the World's First Paid-To-Watch Culture.
Join us so that the next time you watch videos, you will be paid for it.

Follow GoldTube Social Media Platform
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Email Us: @[url=;u=26458]goldtube[/b].io][/url]

Thank You For Reading!
Earn Money Watching Videos!


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