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Finaly the platform that the KCC Community has been waiting for!
HorsePower is bringing all the DeFi solutions that exist in other blockchains into the KCC blockchain.
Launching on the 22/03/22 with an ICO and then immediately the HorsePower Platform will go live, with

3 main feautres :
The first AutoCompunder for the KCC blockchain
The first borrowing & lending platform for the KCC blockchain
The $HOP staking pool on HorsePower will be open for investment
in the near future we will start adding more and more DeFi solutions into the HorsePower platform. there’s much we’re working on, and we will reveal it in the upcoming weeks after the launch, so stay tunned for updates!

What can you do in HorsePower?

HorsePower ICO details
Before the HorsePower launch there will be an opportunity to participate in the HorsePower ICO and purchase the $HOP Token

ICO Details
We’re Raising $300,000 for 10,000,000 $HOP tokens at a 0.03$ price each in the ICO
We will do the ICO through the HorsePower website — Link
the ICO will take place at the 22th of March 2022 at 14:00 UTC. It will be open for 24 hours
To participate in the ICO you will require USDC tokens on the KCC blockchain

Post ICO
Immediately after the ICO will be done, several things will happen —
The HorsePower AutoCompunding platform will go live
The HorsePower Lending platform will go live
The $HOP staking pool on HorsePower will be open for investment
A MJT-HOP pair will be added to MojitoSwap to enable trading of $HOP through MojitoSwap DEX.
1/3 of the funds together with equivalent $HOP tokens will be deposited into the MJT-HOP liquidity pair pool on MojitoSwap to provide liquidity to the token.
1/3 of the funds will be added to the Lending platform to provide an initial liquidity

Funds usage
33% — Buy MJT tokens to provide MJT-HOP liquidity on MojitoSwap
33% — Adding liquidity to the Lending Platform
33% — Marketing operations to promote HorsePower Platform
HorsePower is 100% Bootstrapped and has no previous investors or VCs. this means that there will be no insider shilling of the coin in a future date
HorsePower Finance will be governed by its own governance token: $HOP
the main details about the token are:
Max Supply — 100,000,000 $HOP
ICO 10%
Staking Rewards 30%
Marketing 20%
Community Pool 10%
Team Allocation 30%

Team allocation will be locked for 3 years, with 8.5% vested every quarter
for more details enter the HorsePower website Here

Our mission is to give our partners the best possible solutions in the market. if you have any ideas come tell us!




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