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Making the best Rissotto with our Robot Chef
« on: April 24, 2022, 07:02:09 PM »

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Making the best Rissotto with our Robot Chef

 RissottoFinance will be launching the first signal-based crypto spot trading powered by artificial intelligence this coming 25th April 2022.

These AI trade robots are automated trading maxhines where AI makes trades based on several neural networks across the entire market. A user is notified throughout how the AI robots select cryptocurrencies, enter and exit in paper trades.

Our AI robots scan thousands of cryptocurrencies in search of patterns that indicate buy or sell signals real-time 24/7. These AI robots include the use of a trailing stop exit from a position. The goal of these AI robots is to increase average profit and decrease average loss through predictive stop-lost profiling for every different cryptocurrency.

Throughout our beta test over the last 3 months, our undeniable track record in the cryptocurrency market has accurately predicted the last week within two percent of the actual decline. For instance, the last two month when the crypto market dropped by 20% but our AI robots showed a potential gain of 3-14%, averaging 89.9% success rate. In the long run, we aspire to achieve a success rate of 68.4 - 72.5% for all our trades.

Our vsionary Chef Carluccio of RissottoFinance “We are extremely delighted to use this new ingredient to make our Rissotto the best! Once the user decides how much per trade, the rest is simply done for them.” In other words, our artificial intelligence then predicts breakout and target prices in real-time, backtests the pattern, and provides other relevant cryptocurrency trading information before exciting them automatically. RissottoFinance is currently connected to and available to users holding account/s in Huobi (global), Kucoin, FTX and  Binance.

Subscription services for AI machine trading will begin next Monday, 25 Apr 2022 @ or for an equivalent of 100USD per month plus a flat fee of 5% on realised profitable trades payable in RSOT (RissottoToken), probably the lowest in the entire market.

Join our conversation @ and watch out for our next debut of yield farming/pools!

About RissottoFinance

RissottoFinance is a self-sustaining etherum-based multi-chain eco-system liquidity mining, crypto-staking, automated AI trading and uncollateralized lending protocol. Our goals are to level financial playing field through democratised lending, decentralised financial services and liberalise artificial intelligence machine to anyone - no more an exclusivity to large financial corporation, striving towards diverse and sustainable investment portfolio through DeFi. We exist in the DeFi space to serve the global crypto community in a way that the typical centralized exchange cannot.


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