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What is a DEX? Why is 1inch a widely used exchange platform?


For the people who have not heard about a decentralized exchange platform, let me explain what does a decentralized exchange platform is. As the name of the platform says, it is a decentralized exchange platform that is not controlled by a third party or a middleman. With the help of blockchain’s features and smart-contract automation, advanced functionality, and features are embedded in the decentralized platform.All the different types of DEX platforms offer different functionalities to the users. Not only the charges to use the platform differs but liquidity offered, speed and other features differ simultaneously. Let’s discuss one of the widely used DEX platforms in today’s time:
1inch is a DEX aggregator that offers the traders the lowest possible transactional prices among all the decentralized platforms. They have launched their native crypto coin named 1INCH. The governance token offers the holders of the token some privilege of voting for several updates to be done on the platform. To be eligible for getting the native coin of the platform, the users have to contribute to providing liquidity to the platform.The increase in demand for the platform indicates the rapid growth of the platform in the near future.Where to get development services for such a platform?

Although there are immense numbers of service providers available in the market, you need to get your work done from a reputed company such as Zeligz web store. Their professionalism and experience in the industry make their services superior to others in the industry. You can get yourDecentralized Exchange like 1inch developed and launched easily with the support of their expert team.


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