Author Topic: Why are decentralized exchanges encountering significant growth?  (Read 516 times)

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   A decentralized exchange platform is a place where decentralized currency or crypto coins can be swapped or exchanged. Smart contracts are used in the DEXs to eliminate the need of using order books, traditionally used in centralized exchange platforms. The transactions being done on the decentralized exchanges are confirmed and recorded on the blockchain technology that makes them secure and transparent.
 Defi exchange platforms offer several features and benefits over centralized platforms. Some of the common benefits of using decentralized exchanges are high speed, transparency, superior security, and many others. Moreover, users are not required to provide their personal details to have access to the services provided by most of the decentralized exchange platforms. There are no requirements of a middleman or any other third party to be involved in the entire process, thus better speed, lower transactional fee, and transparent processing can be achieved.

Here is an example of a popular DEX platform in the market:

Uniswap is a widely used DEX platform in the decentralized world being used by millions of traders and investors. The platform has been built using Ethereum blockchain Technology that facilitates its users with the features of swapping tokens or coins with ease. Ethereum tokens can be exchanged by the users on the platform. The crypto holders can earn interest by lending their coins or tokens in the liquidity pools. The user-friendly functionality and ease of use make the platform stand out in the market.

To get your own Decentralized Exchange like Uniswap launched in the market, you can get development services from one of the #best companies in the industry, the Zeligz web store. Their experience in software development and decentralized platform creation will help you get results with modern technology and features.


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