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BTC Robot 2
« on: February 25, 2018, 09:36:53 PM »


In the land of bitcoin and blockchain, cryptocurrency MLM companies are a dime a dozen. Many of them try to claim they are trading and mining but never offer real transparency or visual legitimacy – so how is Crypto World Evolution hybrid trading bot software any better?

Crypto World Evolution can be found online at (registered August 16th, 2017) and is a company that prides itself on delivering a multi-hybrid trading algorithm software via API to facilitate daily micro transactions to earn with your own bot.

Here is the catch that the company is saying makes them different from dozens of others:

The CWE “plug-and-play automatic software robot” makes trades on your behalf – with your permission – through your own crypto exchange accounts (currently Binance, Bittrex, HitBTC and OKex). The CWE bot can execute transactions in milliseconds, trading 24/7/365 days at profitable target levels with your selected coins/tokens in your account.

The automated trading algorithm bot makes micro-cryptocurrency buys and sells with your own coins at your own tolerance risk and offers unique customization to cancel any trades at your own discretion. The CWE bitcoin trading bot software backoffice has features like stop lost, order bots and kill-switch safety support. It also attaches a MLM referral opportunity that promises to help you get small returns by trading coins via the automated algorithm and API as well as referrals to do the same.

Look, we are going to do our best to find out if Crypto World Evolution's bitcoin trading robot is a scam or is a genuine way to earn from trading daily. They promise to have a solution in the form of a cryptocurrency trading software that helps people in the process of buying and selling a variety of virtual currencies.

BTC Robot 2.0 is an automated bitcoin trading robot that promises to earn 100% profits by trading cryptocurrencies at the right time. Here’s our BTC Robot review.

What Is BTC Robot 2.0?
Want to make money with bitcoin? BTC Robot 2.0, also known as Bitcoin Robot or BTC Robot 2.0, wants to help. It’s an automated trading robot that claims to make up to 100% profit. Here’s the best part: you don’t need to do anything to start using BTC Robot.

You don’t even need to know anything about bitcoin. The robot makes all of the trades on your behalf, and you make “automated profits”.

Obviously, we’re skeptical: we’ve seen plenty of other automatic trading systems appear online in recent months. Most of them are scams: you send your money to a bitcoin wallet, then never see it again. In other cases, the automated trading system is just a front for a MLM-style pyramid scheme.

So where does BTC Robot fall? Is it a scam? Or is this a legitimate business opportunity? Let’s take a closer look at how it claims to work.

How Does BTC Robot 2.0 Work?
BTC Robot describes itself as “the first automated bitcoin trading robot”. That’s just not true: bitcoin trading robots have been around for years. Some people call them auto-traders, while others just call them trading algorithms.

Whatever you call it, BTC Robot is a cryptocurrency robot that trades in bitcoin and Ethereum – the two most popular cryptocurrencies available today.

BTC Robot doesn’t spend a lot of time explaining how their algorithm works to make money. Instead, the makers of the robot focus on the benefits of bitcoin. They describe how bitcoin is “free of any government and bank limitations”. They claim that it’s an “inflation free currency” that’s “100% secure”.

The only real information we have about how BTC Robot makes money comes from a YouTube video, where the makers of the platform explain their business model.

Basically, BTC Robot’s business model is to buy bitcoins at a low price and sell them at a high price. The company’s robot claims to monitor markets 24 hours a day, then make trades based on whether the perceived market value is going to go up or down. Based on this information, the BTC Robot can make hundreds of small orders per day.

The robot will time the peaks and troughs of the market fluctuations of bitcoin in order to maximize value for users.

That video referenced above also mentions some of the core features of the platform:

No fees associated with the platform
No commissions
No limits in account size
No leverages
100% anonymity in transactions
Altogether, the BTC Robot involves 3800 lines of cones created by “Russian brains” over 5 years of development. As you’ll learn below, there’s virtually no information about these “Russian brains” or developers featured online. In fact, the website appears to use weird stock photos (and even a cam girl’s photo) while claiming they’re professional developers.

How To Start Using BTC Robot
Using BTC Robot is easy: you open a bitcoin trading account on any major cryptocurrency exchange. Then, you install the latest Metatrader from a preferred broker. BTC Robot 2.0 comes pre-installed inside these brokers’ MT4s.

There’s also an easy-to-use installer for other brokers. There’s nothing more to setup or configure: once the robot is activated, it will begin trading for you.

BTC Robot Pricing
BTC Robot has three different pricing plans. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Silver Plan (Single License on One MT4 Broker of your Choice): $19.99 per month
Gold Plan (Three Licenses on FxChoice, Tallinex, and One Other MT4 Broker of your Choice): $39.99 per month
Platinum Plan (Three Licenses for One Year on Any Three MT4 Brokers of your Choice): $399
All prices are in USD. Your payment is processed by the ClickBetter Affiliate Network.

Because BTC Robot is part of the ClickBetter affiliate network, all purchases are eligible for a 60 day money back guarantee. You can call ClickBetter at 1-800-719-1832 at any point within 60 days of your purchase to request a full refund.

How Much Can You Make With BTC Robot?
BTC Robot claims you can earn $1500 a year from a $1000 investment using their auto-trader, or a gain of 150%. Obviously, that’s much better than most investments.

You can start making money with bitcoin with as little as $100, although the company recommends a minimum investment of $500 for the best profits.

There are zero commissions on your earnings and no profit sharing. While other auto-traders might charge 25% to 30% of profits, it’s completely free to trade with BTC Robot. The company earns its money through licensing fees. There are no extra costs or hidden fees.

Who Created BTC Robot 2.0?
The creators of BTC Robot provide limited information about themselves online. There’s also a big red flag: the company’s “developers team” includes pictures of stock photos. The website even once featured a cam girl’s photo under the name of Anna Pavlova, claiming she was in charge of “public relations and communications”.

The only real information we have about the creators of BTC Robot is that you can reach them by email at

Is BTC Robot A Scam?
Ultimately, BTC Robot isn’t necessarily a scam. The software legitimately makes trades on your behalf and works with MT4 exchanges to buy and sell bitcoins.

However, it’s unlikely going to make you a consistent return of 150% per year. Most reviews on the forums claim that the trader makes more losing trades than winning trades.

One reviewer, for example, claimed he bought 10 bitcoins when the price was $140 a coin. The trader eventually reduced his bitcoins to 2.774. He was left with $2200 in his account instead of $10,000 (this was in 2015).

The complicated thing about BTC Robot is that it has a generous affiliate program, which is why you see a wide range of positive reviews all over the internet. Many people claim they’ve made money using the legitimate program, and then send you an affiliate link where you can buy the software yourself.

Overall, the one good thing we have to say about BTC Robot is that it comes with a 60 day refund policy (although the company doesn’t really advertise that refund policy upfront). You can get your money back at any point within a 60 day period.

When someone claims you can earn massive profits with little to no work, that’s usually a huge red flag. The lack of transparency about the software or development team are two other big red flags for BTC Robot. Whether you call it BTC Robot or BTC Robot 2.0, it doesn’t appear to work as advertised to help you make enormous profits online.
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