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Author Topic: Looking for developers specializing in blockchain and off chain zSNARK.  (Read 2433 times)

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My name is Joshua and I am founder of CPlusConcepts in Tampa, FL.

As most of you are well aware, there is currently a concept to production gap in blockchain technology which is disallowing the mass adoption in major industries such as finance, auditing, and settlement. This gap is caused by the simple fact that blockchain technology has not yet matured to accommodate to highly varied needs within these industries to comply with regulations, lower costs, provide secured reliable services, and most importantly of all scale their systems to allow business growth and expansion.

Many technologies have emerged with the blockchain community to solve some of these issues but there has yet to be a system that is capable of handling all of these major requirements of adoption. Some technologies have come very close to the point of being able to provide the business community with a stable system that will fulfill their goals, however due to other various factors, have failed to implement case-use and evolve into adoption. There still exists a gap due to this.

This is where our organization comes in. We have been doing countless hours of research within the business community to determine the specific needs and requirements of blockchain technology that would allow testing and further case-use research. We are currently looking for a few good developers within the community who have previous experience in developing blockchains, specifically revolving around the use of off chain zSNARK theories.

Our initial goal is to create our Proof of Concept and Technical Report, with these two milestones we will begin our initial marketing campaign to bring awareness of our system and our organization's goals. We currently have a seed budget to bring these two goals to life, and we're ready to move into the next phase of our operation.

After our initial awareness campaign will begin our first seed funding campaign. This campaign will have an initial funding milestone that will fund our teams first year salaries and the financial needs of the various divisions in our organization, including: Research & Analysis, Internal Accounting, Core Development, Marketing & Public Relations, and Acquisitions & Client Support. In our first year we plan to develop a fully functional beta release of our system, while simultaneously focusing on adoption of our technology in real world use.

The second milestone and our second year goal is to focus on this adoption. Our development team will be working more with our RA and Support divisions in this phase to fine tune our system as we will be shifting from initial conceptual development to absolution. This will be the point of adoption within the business world.

Our third milestone will consist of implementing our system with business partners in the US while maintaining an ever growing focus on international acquisitions and the continuing need for market specific development. Our system will first be designed for use within the US. By Q3 2020 we will have this real world case use data we can use to configure our system and expand to adoption in international markets.

At this time we will be creating our company's website, media, and technical writings. We are looking for developers who would like to take their skills and get at the ground floor of an industry changing technology. After our initial seed funding campaign our team will receive a full 1 year contract, budget and salary.

We believe that a technology company is only as good as its core developers so our organizational structure is designed to favor them first. We feel that one of the driving forces behind real world acquisition rides solely on our core development and acquisition team being given the proper foundational support to do what is needed to accomplish our goals.

If you feel you would be a good fit within our organization please leave your information below, send us a message through the forum, or send me an email at my personal email. We would like to answer any questions and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. We will be finalizing our team and have a target date for our seed funding campaign of June 1st.

Thank you for taking the time to read our proposition and we hope to hear from you soon!


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