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What are the uses by developing Instagram Clone App?


Social media apps are here to stay, and you can dominate the market with this Instagram clone script. This is a great time to start your Instagram clone app development to set a solid foot in the social media market.
[/color]Livestream with others[/size]
[/color]Users can go live from their accounts and interact with their followers. [/size]
[/color]Share stories and posts[/size]
[/color]With instant messaging, users can share pictures and videos from accounts they follow or text each other.[/size]
[/color]Users can highlight their stories on their profiles, allowing their followers to see their favorite moments.[/size]
[/color]Advanced AI-based feed[/size]
[/color]With a better-tuned algorithm, users see posts that they would like and decrease the number of random posts that will show on their feed.[/size]
[/color]Privacy and security  [/size]
[/color]Only the users’ following are allowed to see their posts as they will be hidden from others.[/size]


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