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Author Topic: get forex trading signals by Horn Tops 23  (Read 769 times)

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get forex trading signals by Horn Tops 23
« on: January 31, 2019, 12:59:49 PM »
get forex trading signals by Horn Tops [size=0pt][/color] [/size]
[size=0pt][/color]Horn Tops[/size]
[size=0pt][/color]Appearance Two upward price spikes separated by a week on the weekly chart[/size]
[size=0pt][/color]Weekly chart, upward spikes[/size]
[size=0pt][/color]Use the weekly chart and locate two upward price spikes separated by a week. The two spikes should be longer than similar spikes
 over the prior year and tower above the high of the center week. It
 should look like a horn.
 Clear visibility The horn highs should be well above the surrounding highs and the best performing reversals appear at the end of a long uptrend.
 Confirmation The pattern becomes a valid horn top when price closes below the lowest low in the pattern. Do not trade
forex signals[/url] without confirmation.
[size=0pt][/color]Measure rule[/size]
[size=0pt][/color]Subtract the lowest low from the highest high to get the pattern
 height. Subtract the height from the lowest low to get the
forex signals[/url]  target price.
 Threat assessment
[size=0pt][/color]Look for an uptrend spanning many months. Such uptrends often show horns near the end of the trend. If the horn top
 appears near the end of a long downtrend, then it is best to
 avoid it. Watch out for horns appearing after a downward trend
 when the trend changes and price starts moving higher. Prices
 may decline but the decline is usually short-lived (as in the rise between a double bottom).
 Low volume
[size=0pt][/color]The failure rate declines if below average volume appears on both spikes, in a bull market.
 Trend change
[size=0pt][/color]A horn top usually signals an approaching trend change, usually in less than 2 months.[/size]
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