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XAG/USD is moving in a very safe zone. There is a definite chance of winning if it can break the next resistance 26.00. I believe 24.75 is the safe zone right now because there is really strong support here.


EUR/JPY is on the small downtrend right now. Though it is trying to break the downtrend it can’t. It has several support points on 126 therefore it is safe to invest at this point. If it breaks the final support 125 then it will have a long-term downtrend for sure.


EUR/GBP is on the side-wise trend for sure and right now it's trying to break the next resistance at 0.8895 and moving forward. If it can break it then it will get a significant change for sure. It may go for 0.9050 even more. It’s time to watch for a little while.


EUR/CHF is having a really good time since November 2020. If we look at the last day's trade then we can understand that there is a red candlestick that fully covered the previous green and could not break the previous resistance. That means it will have a definite but small downtrend in the short term.


TRX/USD was having a mid term uptrend after a sidewise trend. But recently it could not pass its own resistance and the previous days it lost its price so much. But the good thing is that it just bounced back from its strong support level at 0.0500. This is the time to watch the price action before making any further trades.


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