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Trade using others capital

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Frankly speaking, this is something that’s what we all dream about but we don’t exactly are able to get opportunities like this. But now we have in Fidelcrest, as with it one who is talented and skilful enough is able to get free capital to trade with. Thanks to their Trading Challenge, if we pass it we will have the opportunity to handle accounts upto $200,000. It not only is a life-changing opportunity but also a learning curve that will take us to the league that otherwise we can only dream about.

To be honest, I would not even try to trade on foreign capital; in any case, this is other people's money and I would have a constant sense of commitment.

If he knew how to trade, why not use someone else's capital and make a profit?


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Michael Richard:
No, I only like to trade with my own capital and it is the reason why I prefer demo account first. I always focus on testing and then trade with my own capital instead of doing it for others. I get benefit from FreshForex broker using their epic Rebate scheme, it is super helpful.


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