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Hey everyone!
My name is Karl and I work for Bitcasino.

I want to do my best on this forum to answer any questions, queries or concerns you may have around who we are and what we do.
We would also welcome any feedback or suggestions as to how we can make Bitcasino better than it’s ever been before.

This thread aims to bring you the best promotions, offers, and incentives from the greatest gaming providers.
We’re hoping to spark up some great conversations around cryptocurrencies and the future of crypto as we know it.
So, stay tuned  :) 

About Bitcasino

* Fully regulated and licensed “crypto-centric” online casino
* Over 2000 games and counting
* Instant deposits and withdrawals
* You can play with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), TRON (TRX), Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT), and Cardano (ADA)
* 24/7 customer support in 8 different languages


Loyalty Club

* Earn free spins & up to a 10% cash rebate every time you play.
* Get instant rewards & points multipliers.
* Achieve real money rewards with zero wagering requirements.


* Experience a seamless connection between and your TRON wallet.
The plugin stores your key and taps into it anytime you need to deposit or withdraw from your Bitcasino account.

Casino Boost

* Receive an additional percentage of your winnings from slot games.
If you have a boost available, you will see a boost banner on the main website or under eligible slots.


* Purchase cryptocurrencies in just 30 minutes!
MoonPay will let you buy any Bitcasino supported cryptocurrencies with your debit or credit card. You can also use bank transfer and Apple Pay.

More features are coming soon, so hold tight and watch this space :) 

Game Providers

We make it our business to onboard only the top gaming providers.
Our onsite catalog includes bets sellers from gaming giants like:
NetEnt, Quickfire, OneTouch, Evolution, Yggdrasil, Asia Gaming, Quickspin, Microgaming, and Play'N Go.


The most important thing we can do is make sure your personal information and funds are guarded at all times.
Using the latest technologies guarantees your information and money are well protected.
However, we strongly recommend that you activate 2-factor authentication on your account.


We have two awards at the EGR Marketing & Innovation Awards 2020:
* CRM campaign for our spooky Bitcoin predictor
* Social marketing campaign for our Team Trees campaign

Useful Links

AskGamblers Review
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Hi guys  ;)

Karl here from Bitcasino  :)
I would like to share with you the ways how to earn bitcoins.
Here we go!

1. Bitcoin Mining

Mining bitcoin is the process of creating bitcoins that requires extensive knowledge of hashing
and a specialized equipment called Bitcoin miner. This computer hardware supplies the computing
power you need to mine and it performs the mathematical operations which in turn creates bitcoins.

Mining for Bitcoins is the most profitable of all options since you’re guaranteed to receive bitcoins
after contributing to the blockchain. It does require a lot of time, some expensive specialized equipment,
and a lot of money to pay off your skyrocketing electric bill.

2. Micro-Earnings

This method is comparably smaller in scale in terms of effort compared to bitcoin mining.
For micro-earnings, all you need to do is complete a bunch of micro-tasks such as viewing ads on sites, answering surveys,
playing games, etc. The payoff is smaller, but this is probably the most secure way of adding some numbers to your bitcoins.

Plenty of apps and sites offer this kind of exchange and one of the most popular is FeaturePoints.
Earn points by answering surveys, downloading apps, etc. then you can claim rewards with those points including bitcoins.

Storm is another similar app where you complete tasks such as watching ads and playing games to receive bitcoins in your wallet.
Another platform where you can earn bitcoins is Lolli.
This bitcoin rewards application lets you earn bitcoins when you shop online by giving you cashback with every purchase.

3. Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are websites that reward you with satoshis in exchange for your time in viewing their sites.
Satoshi is 0.00000001 bitcoin, which translates to one-hundredth of a millionth bitcoin.
Those who own faucets sell on-site advertisements and these are what often greets you when opening a bitcoin faucet site.

In some sites, you can claim your rewards for set intervals such as every five minutes.
In FreeBitcoin, one of the well-known faucets, you can drop by every hour and claim your bitcoin after playing a simple game.
Moon Bitcoin gives you more freedom in collecting your rewards.
You can leave your faucet for as long as you want and let the amount stack up before you come back and claim a relatively larger amount.

4. Bitcoin Investments and Trading

Probably the most famous way of increasing your bitcoin is by investing and trading it.
You can hold onto your bitcoins and watch its price rise as the market grows.
When the price skyrockets to a point that its value becomes substantial, you can then sell it and receive huge payouts in return.

It’s important to note that the volatility of this method is extremely high since the market can rise or drop any day.
The prices of cryptocurrencies in the market remains unstable, with numbers fluctuating every minute or so.

If you’re into investing long-term then you can just leave your bitcoins be and watch how the market moves throughout a couple of days or years.
If you want to trade and buy other cryptocurrencies available in the market, you’ll have to exchange them in sites such as BTCXE.

5. Working for Bitcoins

Another way of earning more bitcoins is by promoting them via affiliate programs.
Affiliates are those who promote certain websites for free and later on receive a commission after bringing in paying customers.
Lots of bitcoin exchanges, products, and services have affiliate programs where you can enroll.
As an affiliate, you’ll have your own unique link that you can share and promote to other people who could be viable clients.

It’s up to your own marketing style on how to promote the site’s products or services.
You can reach out on social media platforms and post the links along with your own content.
Youtube content creators often do this and put their affiliate links in their video descriptions.

Another way of earning bitcoin that leans more on the traditional side is by working for them.
You can offer your skills and services to people who are looking to hire people just like you.

There are a lot of sites available on the Internet where you can scour for jobs and freelance work that pays in bitcoin.
Check out Cointiply or the popular subreddit Jobs4Bitcoins for different job postings.
So if you’re willing to do work in graphic design, proofreading, web design, video production and such
in exchange for bitcoins, you know where to go.

Revolutionizing the World Bit by Bit

As cryptocurrency enters the mainstream method of payment, ways of earning bitcoins only increases by the minute.
It’s best to always be mindful of the risks that come with these money-making opportunities.
Since bitcoin is still relatively new, these new ways of earning income can take a turn for the good or bad.

If you have any comments, feel free to post a reply  :)



Hi, everybody! ;)

In this complicated time, analysts suggest it’s a good time to invest in different cryptocurrencies.

We have a blog article, where you can about bitcoin and other cryptos to buy in 2020.

Here’s a brief overview:


Bitcoin has greater liquidity than other cryptos with users able to convert coins to fiat and
vice versa easily and without chipping off a chunk of their value during exchanges.
Experts predict the coin to rise to $23,500 by the end of the year.


Ethereum is currently the world’s leading programmable blockchain.
This rise in price is influenced by current real-world crises.

Many users believe that the launch of ETH 2.0 in July will spark another rise for ETH in 2020.
Predictions for 2020 claims that ETH will rise to $11,375 by the end of the year.


Ripple aims to create a decentralized network of banks to facilitate transactions in a matter
of minutes with lower fees anywhere in the world.

New changes on Ripple by developers could also improve XRP in the coming year,
allowing Ripple to process up to 50,000 transactions per second, making it one of the fastest crypto around.


Compared to other cryptos out there, litecoin is much more cost-effective.
It can also process transactions in only a fraction of Bitcoin’s 10-minute processing time.

Litecoin is doing well in the market and many users are predicting its prices to continually
rise as a result of the halving process.


Experts consider Cardano as a third-generation blockchain.
It is built-in with many features that make it secure, flexible and scalable for innovation more so than any other crypto.

With a market cap of $18.8 billion, Cardano stands as the 5th most valuable crypto in the market today.


With a model called ‘Delegated Proof of Stake’ (DPoS), it aims to process millions of transactions
in just a few seconds, potentially making it the fastest crypto in the market!

EOSIO’s promising future has attracted a loyal audience since 2017,
making its token EOS one of the most valuable coins in 2020.

You can read the full article on our blog.

Waiting for your thoughts and comments. :)



Hi everybody :)

You all know that Bitcoin was a starter of all cryptocurrencies.
Its evolution through the years is outstanding and continues to this day.
But do you that the original Bitcoin has branched to different kinds of Bitcoin, classified as hard forks?
These are similar to bitcoin, but they use different mining systems and prioritize other goals to make an upgraded Bitcoin.
Hard forks under bitcoin are listed as:

* Bitcoin Cash
* Bitcoin SV
* Bitcoin Gold
* Bitcoin Diamond
These bitcoins were able to make their mark in the cryptocurrency market in their own unique way.
Learn more about each kind of bitcoin, so you can decide which one you would want to invest into.
Read the full article in our blog but here's also a quick overview.

1. The Original Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin Core (BTC) is the mother model for altcoins and bitcoins made from the fork of its blockchains.
By 2020, it’s been predicted that Bitcoin will grow significantly during the latter part of the year.

The main features of Bitcoin is its user anonymity and blockchain-based system.
You can send money across the world with your identity concealed in transactions at a minimal cost.
The blockchain has strong security features, making it incredibly difficult for anyone to have access except the people engaged in the transaction.
It can also process transactions much faster compared to fiat currencies.

Due to its features, Bitcoin has been adopted as an official currency in some countries around the world because of its stability over the years.
It remains one of the most stable cryptocurrencies due to its mining process that makes sure every transaction is quick and secure.

2. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin developers wanted to make big changes in Bitcoin to further improve its performance.
They decided to make a branch of it, resulting in Bitcoin Cash’s creation.

The important features it has compared to Bitcoin is that its transaction fees are slightly cheaper.
Its scalability allows it to be faster and make more transactions per second like Bitcoin can.
This coincides with its goal of fixing the scalability issue bitcoin has faced throughout the years.
Although it performs the same as Bitcoin, it is still relatively new compared to its predecessor.
However, it’s possible it can reach up to the same status as Bitcoin due to its advanced scalability.

3. Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Craig Wright created a hard fork called Bitcoin SV from the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.
Modeled after the original bitcoin, Bitcoin SV aims to continue the legacy by following what’s written in Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper
on a ‘A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’. This is why its name is Bitcoin SV, which stands for Bitcoin: Satoshi Vision.

Bitcoin SV aims to fulfill its vision by accomplishing the four main ‘S’ fundamental pillars:

+ Security
+ Safe and Quick Transactions
+ Stability
+ Scalability.

Another goal it has is to continue the plans of Bitcoin by replacing all payment systems around the world.
They are doing this by providing cheaper rates, secure bitcoins, and an overall excellent user experience.

Its block size has reached 128MB, which allows it to perform more transactions per second.
The blockchain protocols are similar to BTC and BCH, however, miners have the option to join a mining pool called SVPool to promote BSV.

4. Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Bitcoin Gold was founded in 2017 by an international team spearheaded by Jack Liao.
The goal was to maintain bitcoin’s decentralization and reformat the mining system for Bitcoin blockchains, so anyone can have access to it.

It costs a lot to become a Bitcoin miner and you usually have to specialize in the area to join.
They wanted to change this by making mining accessible to everyone.

Instead of using the ASICs from Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, BTG uses GPUs that allow anyone to mine rewards.
Developers noticed how Bitcoin limits the number of people who can mine the blockchains, so they made it available for a broader audience to join.
They also changed the mining algorithm from the usual SHA-256 to Equihash.

5. Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

Team Evey and Team 007 were Bitcoin miners who wanted to put a different spin in bitcoin.
It was originally called Bitcoin Core, but they weren’t satisfied with the results.
They improved its network protocol to create Bitcoin Diamond.

Changes started when the team made bigger blocks to ensure more transactions and high-speed exchange time.
There is an abundant supply of BCD worth around 210 million coins. Developers continue to aim for a larger amount
while maintaining the affordability of each coin.

Similar to BTG, it uses GPUs as an easier way to mine for anyone who wants to join.
It removes the exclusive aspect to mining from Bitcoin and attracts a wider audience to be involved in the network.


Every hard fork derived from Bitcoin Core (BTC) has its own perks because they all share the same goal in improving what Bitcoin has for years.
Now you can make easier transactions and manage your bitcoins well by choosing the bitcoin that suits your needs.

You can read the full article in our blog: 5 Types of Bitcoin Explained.

Cheers  ;)

Hi guys! ;)

Every currency needs a wallet.
Having a crypto wallet is a great responsibility that comes with even bigger payouts if handled correctly.
We have lined up 5 different types of crypto wallets with their pros and cons. So choose wisely.
You can read the full article on our blog. But here’s also a short overview.
1. Paper Crypto Wallet

Paper wallets are a ‘cold’ wallet that exists entirely offline and makes use of QR codes and your public and private keys
which only you can access.
They’re a printed copy of your public and private keys. Because they’re not online and not handled by a third party,
paper wallets are one of the most secure options and are almost completely hacker-free.
The only downside to using paper wallets is that it can be an immense hassle to move funds around.
2. Online Crypto Wallet
Online wallets are ‘hot’, third party wallets that hold your funds on a cloud and can be accessed from
anywhere by anyone who can open it. Among all available wallets, an online wallet has the
fastest transactions and ease of use.
However, it’s also the most susceptible to online dangers.
Some of these include the most common security breaches such as malware, hackers, scams, and DDOS attacks.
It’s because of this reason that online wallets are most viable for small day-to-day transactions instead of long-term storage.
3. Mobile Crypto Wallet
The mobile crypto wallet is easily the most portable option.
It’s practical, efficient, and, as a ‘hot’ wallet, it also has additional features that aren’t traditionally available
with online wallets such as QR code scanning.
The danger of a mobile wallet comes with the fact that because it’s a phone, not only is it vulnerable to the elements,
it’s also less secure because of fewer security options compared to its desktop alternative.
4. Desktop Crypto Wallet
Desktop-based wallets can be both hot and cold depending on how you use them.
If a desktop hasn’t ever been connected to the internet, it can serve as a very effective cold wallet
because of its offline limitations. Additionally, a desktop wallet allows you to keep your private key to yourself
as opposed to being held by a third party.
However, there are a number of things that can threaten a desktop crypto wallet.
Depending on your wallet of choice, a desktop wallet can be accessed by anyone with access to the desktop.
Another problem is the desktop’s obsolete.
If a computer can’t keep up and isn’t backed up, your wallet can potentially be lost forever.
A third problem is the risks involved with allowing a ‘cold’ desktop to connect to the internet even once.
This can cause malware and viruses to sneak in before you even switch the connection back off.
5. Hardware Crypto Wallet
The last wallet is the hardware wallet, which for the most part is considered ‘cold’.
However, if it’s connected to a device, it can act as a ‘hot’ wallet.
The hardware wallet is incredibly good at storing immense crypto funds for the long-term.
The hardware wallet (normally in the form of a USB) is one of the least user-friendly wallets,
but it’s also one of, if not the most, secure wallet options. Depending on the type of hardware wallet,
its conditions for upkeep and usage differ on a case to case basis. Some have batteries or screens while others don’t.
If you get a hardware-based wallet with a screen, you’ve already got in your hands one of the most secure options anywhere.
How to Keep Crypto Wallets Safe
Regardless of which wallet you choose, you can maximize security and minimize dangers by following these few easy steps:

* Always have a back-up.
If the original ever gets lost and you don’t have a back-up ready, you won’t be very happy—especially if it has, maybe, 10 Bitcoins.
* Make sure that your keys are secure, especially your private key.
Without your private key, you’re permanently locked out of your wallet and can never access those funds ever again.
* If you’re using a digital wallet that isn’t paper, make sure you stay updated so that nothing breaks down or becomes incompatible with the soft or hardware.Stay safe!



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