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Title: - Earn 200% Game!
Post by: bidybit on September 29, 2015, 07:46:22 PM

Best of it’s kind,
Live action Flip the coin game! Double your money in just 6 hours!

What exactly is BidyFlip?
BidyFlip is a unique & exciting way to double your money! A century-old traditional coin flip game rejuvenated in digital era!
Choose the coin side, place your bet amount and wait for the time to end.
If your side wins your profit doubles instantly!

Key feature:
+ Instant withdrawals & deposits
+ Double your money if you win
+ Fair and High chance of winning and doubling your money
+ Pc, Mobile and Tablet friendly (responsive design)
+ User friendly members panel and game interface
+ Real time Gambling statistics
+ Innovative gambling experience
+ 1 cent minimum bet
+ Every week get percentage back from your lose
+ Bitcoin accepted
+ Privacy & Security guaranteed
+ Many more great features!

Getting Started
Before you can place your first bet, you have to open free account at BidyFlip. On the home page simply enter your email adres and click on the “Start the action” button, or click on the button in the top right corner of the site that says “Free Account” along the Sign in Button. Once you’re done a confirmation email will be sent to the address you provided together with your new account login details. If you don’t immediately receive this email, then check your Spam folder to ensure that it wasn’t mistakenly identified or blocked. We recommend you to add us to your safe senders list (noreply@bidybit (;u=9031).com) in order to avoid future confusion. Once you’ve signed up, you’re free to participate in!

How to play?
Choose the coin side, place your bet amount and wait for the time to end on timer.
If your side wins your profit doubles instantly!

How do I Win?
After the end of each game, the winning coin side instantly shows up on your screen. So tell me, who chooses the winning coin side? It's simple! The winning side is the one who had the least amount of money bet on it and these calculations are automated by our system. So the money you win gets sponsored by the people who bet on the losing coin side. To make it fair for everyone, the total amount of ($$) bet on each side is hidden from players, and to make it more fair, each game has a different min&max amount that you can bet!

6h game: minimum bet amount: 0.00004 BTC & maximum: 0.00422 BTC
12h game: minimum bet amount: 0.00423 BTC & maximum: 0.04227 BTC
24h game: minimum bet amount: 0.00894 BTC & maximum: 0.08539 BTC
48h game: minimum bet amount: 0.02133 BTC & maximum: 0.21321 BTC

Where does the cash surplus go?
Bidy has thought of it all! Every Friday of every week the cash surplus gets divided between the losing gamers! What does that mean? It means that even if you lose you will always get something back from your loss every week!

Everything seems awesome, but how does Bidy earn on this?
It's not a secret that bidy always takes care of its members well-being and that we let the users keep most of the profit that circulates through our games! But of course Bidy has to eat&keep the servers up and running, run advertising campaigns&create new games for our loyal members to enjoy. So for this, we keep a small percentage from members withdrawals, only 10%! That's how thought-full and loyal we are to our members!

Can I switch Coin Side?
Yes, you can switch coin side whatever you want but in case to change coin side you also need to increase amount to double. You can do that before the timer ends.

What if i am the only player?
You get refund straight away!

Star flipping and doubling your money today!


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