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Author Topic: 1.8x your deposit FAST!!!  (Read 2529 times)

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« on: March 28, 2014, 05:56:08 PM »

How it works?

It's very easy, you send BTC from your wallet, and when next people send their BTC you get back x1.8 of your deposit. Example: invest 0.1 and get back 0.18

How much is the maximum/minimum depositable amount?
You can deposit a minimum of 0.025 BTC, and a maximum of 0.2 BTC

What happen if I sent mistakenly, less than minimum or more than maximum?
You'll be refunded, of course: All you need is just reply to this thread by typing/reporting your transaction hash, and you'll receive back your amount.

Do I need to register in your website?
No, for play you just need to solve captcha and send your btc from your wallet.

How long should I wait for payout?
Simply when there are enough BTC to pay your payout, we don't have rounds, blocks or a minimun waiting time.

In which order do you pay depositaries?
Always by older depositary.

Why this system is endless?
Because our profit is 1% of deposit when player get back his payout, therefore we have interest that this does not end.
An example of our profit:
Player A deposits 0.1 and, when total of confirmed deposits is 0.181, system pay 0.18 to player A and we get 0.001 how profit.

Why I can send only 0.2BTC?
Because system is developed for running more quickly as possible, maybe in the future we will increase the max deposit.

Can I use a web wallet?
Using the web wallet is OK! Other web wallets are good BUT shared wallet are denied because you'd be deposit from a shared address and we have no way of knowing what's the address we can send your payout to. - Double your BTC or get the Bank Split in 48h!

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