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Author Topic: - New Provably Fair BTC INSTANT Real-Time Jackpot  (Read 2472 times)

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Hello BTCJackpotters!

How do I use your service?
You can check BTCJackpot at

What is BTCJackpot?

Basically, players deposit bitcoins, once a pre-defined threshold of deposits is reached a depositer will be chosen, with odds based on the values of it's deposited bitcoin, and awarded with ALL the bitcoins in the pool, expect a small house rake.
So, how does it work?
It's quite simple:
You deposit some bitcoin.
We will assign you a ticket for each 0.001฿ deposited - if you deposit a 0.1฿ you'll get 100 tickets, with 1฿ you'll get 1000 tickets, with a 10฿ - 10000, and so on.
When the deposit threshold is reached (currently set to 5) we gather all the awarded tickets and our Provably Fair system picks one of them and awards its owner with all the bitcoins in the prize pool! (Note that the threshold will adjust based on current traffic)

Rules and Features:

There are no deposit limits per wallet - each wallet can deposit any chosen number of bitcoins.
The minimum for deposit is 0.005฿.
If any deposits enter the pool on the last deposit and the deposit counter goes over the defined threshold, the deposits will be considered as part of the current round since the user depositing them participated in the current and not in the next one.
There is an house rake up to 5% on every round - this rake is calculated based on the total pool amount and is already discounted when the winner amount is shown.
The deposits and withdrawals are instant.

You can read more about BTCJackpot here,

Or contact us here,

Deposit now and win big at


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