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Author Topic: BTC raffle type lotto! 1 in 500 odds or better! Win 10x your bet!  (Read 2183 times)

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Hey guys! I've been trying to get this up and running for a while now and was intending on hosting it from my own .onion domain, but was having issues with hosting. I ended up just taking a screenshot of the site and uploading it to for lack of a better way. I was also wanting to get the site linked on the hidden wiki, but was not quite sure how to go about that so I'm glad I found this site! I might make it a twice weekly drawing. If it is as successful as I'm hoping I will increase amount of numbers and increase the winnings as well! Just a way to spend small amounts of btc and potentially win 10x your bet! Check it out!

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*click image to enlarge* newbielink:http://imgbifwwqoixh7te.onion/# [nonactive]!ZxpdP2Z!XnV5YxE5OMZcqxGqOyA1JTySL5wJQVJOjmAL7Gna


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