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Title: Double your coins in just 100 hours!
Post by: cryptocoinx2 on February 15, 2015, 08:19:35 AM

I want to show such project as Cryptocoinx2, we are engaged sports to arbitration and we accept your investments on rates. Our team consists of 9 skilled analysts of matches. In 3 last months we lost only 2 times and the small sums because, we try to discover the best combinations for rates them more than 40 in day, risks are minimum.

We plan to work of 2 months before half a year.

If wins of our rates doesn't block payment, we will apply the scheme of a pontsa that will give even more reliability. All saved-up balance we распределям on 20+ rates. Also we have a cooperation about the Internet by the firm selling fixed matches, from each such match of all our investors will expect a bonus)

Strong ddos protection
Affiliate program 10%
100% Profit in 100 hours

Also will repeat we aren't ponzi, the scheme ponzi will be applied if the win isn't enough for payments
To make a contribution quite simply

1. To enter the purse
2. To send to a purse which will be specified