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Author Topic: Online multiplayer game | Horse racing | 200 satoshi every 5 min  (Read 2481 times)

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Welcome to the world of races on horses with obstacles (derby)!
BTC Jockey - online multiplayer game - competition for an award in Bitcoins.
In each game at the same time can play up to 4 players.
For game start simply make a bet and press "Begin game". It is also possible to use buttons of fast start - "1/10" "1/7" "1/5"... game will begin immediately, the chosen balance share will be a bet.
Bets - very important point in game. The more bet - powerfull horse. Each horse has some main characteristics:
  • Life
  • Stamina
  • Acceleration
  • Regeneration of a stamina
  • Speed

All of them depend on your bet and bets of other players of game.
Controls in game - two buttons:
  • Acceleration
  • Jump

Having pressed the button acceleration - the horse will quicker run, but the stamina is spent.
Having pressed the button jump - the horse will jump, but also the stamina is spent.
If the buttons aren't pressed - the stamina is restored every second.
If at a horse the stamina ended - when pressing these buttons health will be spent. Health isn't restored.
If health ended - the horse is tired out and disappears from the screen.
Controls is adapted under the keyboard (arrows) and a mouse, the tablet, the mobile phone, smartphones.
At the end of the game the winner receives an award at a rate of rates of other participants of game minus a site tax. The rate of the winner isn't considered.
If the Player was in game one - game is considered training - the bet automatically comes back to the Player.
Enjoy the game!


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