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Author Topic: PM Poker - Become a player or investor in the future of poker...  (Read 1303 times)

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Hello Everyone,

I'd like to introduce you to PM Poker and tell you a little bit about our philosophy and unique features we offer to both the poker and crypto worlds.

We believe the online poker world is at a crossroads, fueled by the potential seen in the first wave for massive player pools. The second wave that is coming has the possibilities to far exceed those, and at PM Poker we've developed solutions capable of building and handling this challenge.

Currently, the choices for online poker sites have broken into two camps.
  • Those using a traditional currency:

    These sites suffer from severe fragmentation. They cannot build up their player pools because of archaic government legalese targeting the exchange of their currencies and payment processing systems. They are further split up by those attempting a regulated approach vs. those who choose an 'offshore' solution to try to reach players in 'restricted' countries and states. These sites will be battling themselves for years to come.
  • Those using a crypto-currency solution:

    These sites have removed the legal obstacles involved with online poker transactions in restricted countries. They could very well grow their player pools to be worldwide, however, all of the current crypto based poker sites depend on third party software solutions. None of these software solutions are capable of handling even a fraction of the workload necessary to accommodate a worldwide audience.
PM Poker believes in the crypto-currency solution as the way to build the world's largest player pool. We do not depend on a 3rd party software solution to accomplish this. Our software was designed from the ground up to handle this challenge. Our staffing, and design team are veteran programmers with over 200 combined years of experience. We are licensed and have validated our algorithms with neutral 3rd party testing services to ensure we're ready to accomplish our missions.

However, being ready to handle the traffic is only part of our solution. In order to bring in and grow an audience of this size we know we need to stand out amongst all the noise. We are confident when you see our game structures and features you'll see why PM Poker truly is unique compared to other poker sites in any category.

We offer 'True Vegas Style Poker'™
Poker started at the tables, not on computers. The vision behind our software was to provide a poker experience that mirrored the action one takes at the real tables. Real bets, based on real chip denominations; seat changes at live (ring) tables; all following the same rules you find in every casino poker room.
Tournament play also includes ‘color up’, advance table rebalancing, and other subtle nuances. You won’t find this level of casino structured realism in any other online poker site out there.

We truly believe this prepares the online player to grow into the REAL player who is ready for everything that lies ahead. We also believe those who come from real table poker backgrounds will enjoy what this online play has to offer.
It’s a gap in poker we believe we’ve built the right bridge for.

Investing in the future of poker…
PM Poker is seeking investors for the next phase of our project. We believe that the future lies in web and mobile application. This is not an idea in someone’s head, looking to maybe start a gaming site. We have established ourselves, and offer potential investors to test our software, and view our prospectus.

PM Poker shares are exclusively sold on Crypto::Stocks under the symbol PMPOKER, and our team is ready to answer your specific questions at: investment[b]@[url=;u=2123]PMPoker[/url][/b].com

Whether you’re a micro stakes grinder or high rolling investor we have opportunities at all levels to join in our action.  We invite you to explore, inquire and see the investment opportunities PM Poker has to offer.
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