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Author Topic: The Escalation Game: Almost all players make a 10% profit in under 1 hour  (Read 60 times)

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We created a money game on Ethereum called The Escalation Game.

There is only one loser per game, and everyone else walks away with at least 10% profit in under 1 hour.

Dozens can play, but only one can lose.

You can check out the contract code on Etherscan and verify these claims for yourself.

The contract address is: 0xeF12bE74EEaDDA185FB08814C7D32E7934b0A5CA

You can play via the UI at, or you can interact directly with the contract via Etherscan.

There are no trusted third parties, no "owners", no "oracles" or anything shady like that.

If you like it please let us know and we'll keep making things like this. | 200% profit in just 100 hours | Instant Payments Every Hour

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