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Title: ★★★ The HYIP Investors Club ★★★ Never lose Money on a HYIP again! /EARN ALOT BTC
Post by: BitcoinStream on July 10, 2017, 12:09:33 AM


Welcome to the HYIP Investors Club

The HYIP industry is loaded with scam platforms these days, investors decide to risk low amounts to test them, people checkout HYIP Monitors which are compromised due exclusive listnings that are being sold to HYIP's and hyip monitors only test their payout once and ofcourse all the advertisement on forums, monitors etc.. Advertisement which is basicly purchased with scammed bitcoins. This is where the HYIP Investors Club comes in! We daily test HYIPs and we proceed on testing them while they are on our HYIP list, our club members are safe to invest in any HYIP on our daily tested & updated list's.

Altough we do understand that most HYIPs tend to quit sooner or later, even if they have been active for months or even years, that is why we offer an investments warranty to our club members, this warranty secures any of your investments made in any HYIP stated on our list which basicly means we pay back your initial investment if any HYIP that we provide decides to scam you.

But it doesn't stop there! Besides the investments warranty, the guaranteed profits, the daily tested & updated HYIP lists we also provide access to our Discord Channel, Skype Group & our Club's chat located here on the website once logged in to talk with other club members / investors about anything you want.

If you have any further question's then don't hesitate to contact our live support which is mostly available 24/7.

How do we work?
It is a widely known fact that 90% of all HYIP investors have been scammed atleast once. When you join the HYIP Investors club you are not only covered from losing money with our club investments warranty but you are also safe from getting scammed in the first place.

What we (the club owners) do is we find & test new and old exclusive, premium, free & forum HYIPs, when they have paid us out 2-5 times they are worthy enough to be on one of our HYIPs Club list's. After they have been placed on the list our club members can invest in them (with our investments warranty) and we proceed on testing them, club members are also welcome to recommend HYIPs to be on the list but they will be tested more frequently.


Title: Re: ★★★ The HYIP Investors Club ★★★ Never lose Money on a HYIP again! /EARN ALOT BTC
Post by: Key on August 21, 2017, 02:27:38 PM
HYIP always comes with some risk.