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Author Topic: Win 1 KNC Titan Miner First Batch 400 Mh/s for only 0.05 BTC!! @luckysatoshi  (Read 2625 times)

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Let The Game Begin! 1MkcdKa3osFpgEcrKsArF7KCE3WULe49jD

We would like to introduce you to our new bitcoin newbielink: [nonactive]!

We will be running a series of raffles, starting with a paid pre-order of a first batch KNC Titan Miner as a prize. An innovative algorithm based on the Bitcoin Blockchain ( newbielink: [nonactive]), will be turning the wheel, so that the outcome can be unpredictable, yet verified independently. (Source code available here: newbielink: [nonactive] )All transactions will be held through Escrow.
The winner will be chosen at random on the drawing date (estimated time 15th of August) at block height 317390 by the bitRaffle algorithm. The algorithm will automatically calculate the amount of tickets bought and draw the ticket with the lowest hash value! “A Bitcoin block is very difficult to generate and the resulting hash is unpredictable we can safely assume that it is impossible to cheat.” When the drawing ends, everyone will be able to verify the winning ticket.

Buy at least 1 ticket for 0.05 btc and get a chance to raffle off a Titan Miner! For every 5 tickets you buy get 1 for free!

Btc address 1MkcdKa3osFpgEcrKsArF7KCE3WULe49jD

The raffle prize is a pre-ordered first batch Titan Miner 400 Mh/s (order No 21XXX, i.e. item is already paid but not received.) After the drawing and the verification process ends, the winner’s name and address will be entered into our KNC account.

1.   The winner can choose between a paid pre-order of a first batch KNC Titan Miner (not an actual Titan Miner) or the pot (minus a "rake" of 5% of the pot and a transaction fee of 0.0002 BTC per kilobyte).
2.    The minimum total amount of tickets bought for the lottery is 400 in order to cover our expenses for the Knc Titan Miner.
3.    If the aforementioned minimum amount is not reached, the draw will still be held and the winner will be given the btc gathered from the tickets (minus a "rake" of 5% of the pot and a transaction fee of 0.0002 BTC per kilobyte).
4.    There will not be a maximum limit to the number of tickets.
5.    Participants will be refunded if:    1) verification of the outcome unquestionably fails
                                                       2) for any reason the draw fails to take place
6.    The total amount of btc will be held by Escrow service and will be released only after the
outcome is verified-NOT when the item is delivered to the winner as the specific day of the delivery is a responsibility of KNC*.For more info on the KNC terms and conditions, please see below.
7.     The winner’s name and address will be entered into our KNC account or the pot will be sent to his btc address by escrow.
8.    After buying your ticket, you will not be able to cancel your participation and request a
refund unless the aforementioned conditions are not met.(see case 4 of terms of use)
9.    Winner is responsible for any fees required for delivery (such as customs fees), and is responsible for any taxes that their local jurisdiction may place on them.
10.    The transaction must receive its first confirmation in a block BEFORE block 317390, so that an entry is valid.
11.  In case that two or more users claim the same transaction as their own, they will be required to sign a message to prove that they own the private key of the address from which the payment originated.
12. If the winner cannot be identified or nobody claims the prize for 1 week the funds will still be released and ticket with the second lowest hash gets the prize.

*Knc Terms and Conditions taken from the site
The stats and performance that we can release today are
•    Minimum 300/MH/s of performance from a 28nm chip
•    Uses a Standard ATX power supply (customer supplied ATX)
•    Based on the existing Jupiter form factor
•    Shipment begins Quarter 2 / Quarter 3
•    Payment for this product is bitcoins, Litcoins and bank transfer only
as this is KnCMiner we of course reserve the right to increase the performance at any time, Note** this is a preorder all customers are reminded to please read the terms and conditions carefully before ordering. This product is nonrefundable

Ladies and gentleman, place your bets!

Raffle off a Titan Miner for 0.05 btc! BTC address 1MkcdKa3osFpgEcrKsArF7KCE3WULe49jD !

Many thanks to erasmospunk! Donations at 1DMVjVxstZZgPNrKMgwiQDojSSdJHjX8yD

newbielink: [nonactive]
source code newbielink: [nonactive]

luckysatoshi team

P.m or Post for details!

Let the game begin!

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Do not forget to post txid after buying ticket/s!

5728 left !

Do you feel lucky? newbielink: [nonactive] 

0.05 per ticket 1MkcdKa3osFpgEcrKsArF7KCE3WULe49jD | 1 in 3 chance to win 400% of your bet!

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