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Title: Best Bitcoin Game Yet
Post by: Makingbacon432 on November 12, 2017, 03:25:01 AM

          The Differentiated Lottery
here are the rules:

1) Pick any three digit number(000-999), or any single digit in that number(0-9)
   No bets too small or large in this game. You send in a bet, and we'll make it rain.
   (1sat to 100BTC)
   Winnings: 800-1 for winning three digit, 2-1 on a single digit that is part of the winning number.
2) The place to send your numbers is changing every game.
   Here's this week's, but it's never the same:  /makingbaco/n432@/protonmail/.com (no / signs)
3) There is only one BTC wallet to send your bet, anywhere else would be a false claim.
   If the address doesn't end in "go", then it's a no go, and your winnings would be a no show.
   Here is the only real one: 3FQWJKRwPaXJdU5FHf9y4PSz7whMgxP1go
4)Send your bets like this:
   Format to send: (pick)(BTC amount)(address to pay) ex: (432)(1.234)(xxxMY-BTC-ADDYxxx)
   So you can be entered with your bet, amount, and BTC wallet for your winnings.
  Email is anonymous, and so are your winnings!
5)The next game is on 11-18, 12GMT. (every Saturday)
 Place your bets now and you could be as rich as a king.
6)The numbers are decided by everybody.
  The smallest three digits from the BTC betting balance at game time, become the winner.
Last week's winner(s) won 16.85342186 BTC
7)No further questions!
                Paying good= better play ;-) Winning Results sent ASAP From me.
Keeping it honest and in line. No rigged sites, just a simple game. Bet what you like, no wager too tame.
Title: Re: Best Bitcoin Game Yet
Post by: Bitcoin_Novoline on December 09, 2017, 04:03:38 PM
Now you can play all sorts of casino games with Bitcoin too.
Title: Re: Best Bitcoin Game Yet
Post by: Sensiyorum on January 30, 2018, 12:15:12 PM
Hmm. The conditions of the game are interesting of course, atypical I'd say. But what's the point of the game itself? And what's the percentage for winning? Are there any reviews from winners?