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The evolution of the gaming industry is quite evident over the recent years. From the features, graphics and the entire services that are meant to engage the players have changed and developed in the recent years. So, it won’t be wrong to say that the future of the entire gaming industry is bound to change in the coming years. This simply means the way the industry functions and works worldwide. Ultimately, this will help in increasing the overall gaming experience for the gamers to a whole new level. And, at the same time will offer more games to the gamers.

The traditional gaming market has been functioning the same way for years. However, the application of blockchain technology can prove to be a game changer for the entire gaming industry.

Big Bang can entirely revolutionize the gambling and online betting industries by using blockchain technology. As a shared and synchronized network that offers the gamers a transparent, secure and inclusive ecosystem. Big Bang is an inclusive ecosystem that utilizes robust cryptocurrency token that is built on blockchain to provide global loyalty points for eSports gamers and casino players worldwide.
The blockchain technology is one of the most groundbreaking technologies that have been introduced to us in a while. Many industries have already unraveled the technology. The gaming industry is certainly no different. Blockchain technology and its significance proves to be really helpful for the entire gaming industry be it eSports, betting, online casinos, or the gambling industry in general. The decentralized technology is here to irrevocably change the future of the gaming industry.

The blockchain is an incorruptible and immutable distributed ledger of transaction that is programmed to keep a record of financial transactions. Information and data that is kept in a blockchain is shared and continuously restored database. The records that are kept in blockchain are kept publicly and can be easily verified. There is no centralized version of this information that can be altered or hacked. Henceforth, the blockchain powered platforms are 100% secure and trustworthy.

Online gaming platforms and services have never had a better technology that can back up the entire gaming ecosystem. The technology will give all the actors on the platform an opportunity to expand and innovate their potential. This will help in improving the communication and overall relationship among the actors on the platform and simultaneously offer more to the gamers. The blockchain technology offers the gamers with a distributed and synchronized network which is a safe, transparent and all-inclusive ecosystem.
For this, Big Bang platform utilizes the blockchain technology to build an ace platform that is resilient and robust to fight against challenges like data theft, illicit practices, and fraudulent activities. Other than that Big Bang will also allow gamers to play and be a part of games and services on a single platform. This platform will allow the gamers to earn loyalty points in terms of tokens for participation in various games and services.
Today, the worth of eSports, online casino and the gambling industry huge which is around billions of dollars. The expected worth of the industry is around $51.96 billion dollars. The online eSports and casino industry is huge and is worth billions of dollars. It is expected to be worth 51.96 billion USD. The gaming industry is constantly growing, but there are a number of issues like fraudulent activities, heavy charges on transactions and payments, the involvement of third parties and grey markets, which results in higher risks of data thefts and malpractices.
Big Bang is a platform that runs on blockchain technology that will make the entire gaming and gambling industry secure and transparent. Big Bang was developed to provide a complete solution against all the problems by making the industry direct and transparent between the actors. It aims at providing a complete insight into the behaviors and actions of the gamers. At the same time, it allows gamers to feel secure and trusted that their participation in the activities will be genuinely rewarded, winnings will be retained and loyalty points will be shared and added across the ecosystem.

Who Will Benefit from the Big Bang Platform?Big Bang is here to offer more to the gamers but also benefit the operators and sponsors. For the operators, it is a win-win opportunity as the platform will provide a better insight into data the operators worldwide. This will help them in known the behavior of the gamer so that they can focus in a better way. Big Bang will develop an overall beneficial ecosystem that will help in benefiting the gamers as well as the operators.

The platform is here to create a seamless experience for the gamers by rewarding them through loyalty programs. This will also reduce the operators need to involve in various other marketing campaigns and ultimately provide gamers with more services. Sponsors can also benefit from the ecosystem as the will receive crucial data and information through which they can focus their efforts on specific targets.
The players will earn loyalty tokens The Big Bang Token (BBT) which is an ERC20 token for the Big Bang Platform. The BBT can be easily exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The players can play and earn money on the platform in terms of loyalty points never seen or heard before.
You can now join Big Bang and also earn loyalty tokens. The pre-sale started on July 1st which will last till September 30th, 2018. The pre-sale has already created a lot of buzz in the gaming industry. So gear up and be a part of this ultimate bonanza.


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