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Title: Earn 150% per day on auto betting
Post by: dordanut on September 15, 2014, 03:14:05 PM
I think everyone is familiar with the Martingale strategy []. With the right approach, you can earn a lot.
Recently, on the Internet, more and more sites breed casino, where you can put bets on the condition of winning 50:50.

Such services have a system of automated rates, but it has limitations in 200 bids at a time. And you will agree, it is inconvenient to press the button all the time, I would like this process more automated. So, by making small manipulation was written a simple and flexible solution in the language of JavaScript, which just runs through the console browser.

Go here to site:

Full code:
var interval;
function start_bets(_time) {
var time = _time || 2700;
var total_time = 0;
var i = 0;
var button = document.getElementById("AutoBetLowButton");
interval = setInterval(function() {;
total_time += time;
var minuts = total_time / (1000 * 60);
console.log("Betting set: " + i + " | Time: " + minuts.toFixed(2) + "m");
}, time);

Minimized code:
var interval;function start_bets(d){var b=d||2700,a=0,c=0,e=document.getElementById("AutoBetLowButton");interval=setInterval(function(){;c++;a+=b;console.log("Betting set: "+c+" | Time: "+(a/6E4).toFixed(2)+"m")},b )}start_bets();

But what to do with it?
The registration is automatic, most importantly do not forget to specify your username and password to log into the Account.
On the site, after entering the deposit, go to the section Automatic Betting, and there enter all the way and in the screenshot:

The minimum possible bet: 0.00000001 (which corresponds to 1 satoshi).
For a minimum of risk and a comfortable game advise to put a bet of 1 048 576 is less than your deposit. Under these conditions, your deposit triple per night.

Next we open the console in our browser, paste it into any of the above codes and proudly press Enter:

All our robot works and makes a profit.
To stop simply reload the page.

I posted it for the referral commission on turnover, this be so kind and become my referral :)

The most important thing to keep in mind:
(!)There is a chance of losing everything. Think about this three times before starting!
I passed it by trial and error, but the algorithm has shown its best side.

Good luck and successful earnings :)