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Title: FoxyNFT Clone Script - To start a NFT game platform like FoxyNFT on BSC
Post by: Gamesdapp on July 29, 2021, 06:45:06 AM

FoxyNFT Clone is an NFT based gaming platform executing its functionalities entirely like FoxyNFT over Binance smart Chain Network where players can interact with NFT's feed them, battle with others and more.

This FoxyNFT clone is 100% smart contract integrated software solution that comes with customization of the game.

Major Features of FoxyNFT Clone Script

NFT elements
Game Floor
To create NFT game like FoxyNFT, you have to contact the best NFT Game Development Company and get assistance from them to build your own NFT game like FoxyNFT.

Gamesdapp offers customizable FoxyNFT Clone Script which is  a 100%  white label solutions that enable you to build Binance Smart Chain based Game like FoxyNFT and an NFT marketplace to showcase the collectibles.

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