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Help Save Nana
« on: May 18, 2023, 12:39:22 AM »

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The Ullery Family created this Go Fund Me account to share the story of our beloved Nana Ullery who recently fell victim to a devastating internet scam.[/size]On Feb. 1st, 2023, retired 76 y/o Nana Ullery was browsing the internet when a Microsoft “pop-up” appeared on her screen. The pop-up stated that she needed to dial the provided number immediately as she may be arrested for the information ‘they’ had found on her computer.She called the number and it was falsely revealed to her that “child porn” had been found on her computer. Anyone who knows our Nana knows that this would never be true. However, the scammers told her that she and her husband Mike will be going to prison unless she paid a fine that was being charged for the info they found. The monsters on the other end were horrific to her and would not let up.Nana innocently told them that she could not go to jail as she has to take care of her ailing husband Mike and that Mike would not last in prison as he was too weak and healing from a broken hip.Nana was instructed by the scammers to travel to several bank branches in her area. Out of fear, she withdrew all of her and Mike’s savings, $163,000, which was then converted into bitcoin and sent to a bitcoin wallet in China. She and her husband’s bank accounts are now at zero. Their life savings are completely gone.Nana was incredibly embarrassed by this and withheld telling her family until her mortgage was due in early March. Nana is a grandmother of 6 and has recently become a great-grandmother. Nana lives in a modest 1000 sqft townhome and only lives off of her social security checks. She is now completely broke and she is struggling to make ends meet. As a retiree, she cannot work and is relying solely on her limited fixed income. Her mortgage payments are currently past due and she is at risk of losing her home.Nana has always been the light of our lives and of so many others around her. She is the kindest soul we know. Even in her current situation, she continues to volunteer at the local food bank in Arizona. She believes in the power of helping others and always puts their needs before her own. Nana can't stand to see anyone in need, including animals, as she fostered golden retrievers and other dogs for over 30 years. In addition, she makes the best homemade ranch in all 50 states which she kindly shares with her family and friends. We’re hoping that with the help of this Go Fund Me campaign, we can rally together to support Nana in her time of need.Any amount donated will go towards helping pay their mortgage and keeping their home. Any additional funds would go towards replenishing their life savings and upcoming medical bills.Your generosity will make a significant impact on her life and will help her get through this challenging time.Thank you for your kindness in advance. Every single dollar counts.Poste : Nana by Donations cryptocurrencyBtc : 1Df4KZr1AvW6TNmhZ4CJeMrdwPa7btRSCWEth : 0x01442f0a7c5bd83a1872da0654d0a6d356a4ec51Usdt erc20 : 0x01442f0a7c5bd83a1872da0654d0a6d356a4ec51