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Author Topic: How the Homeros gaming platform works  (Read 286 times)

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How the Homeros gaming platform works
« on: April 21, 2020, 12:59:05 PM »
Game Marketplace
The Homeros Marketplace offers a scalable and secure platform where players can choose from the variety of its games. Players can access free-to-play (F2P) games available on Homeros, or they can purchase pay-to-play (P2P) games that are critically-acclaimed by the community.
These pay-to-play games enable gamers to enjoy the high-quality game interface and collect in-game start bonuses to better equip them in their quests.
[/size]Free-to-play games
[/size]Homeros offers the best free games that enable its players to experience hours of fun and excitement without even making a purchase. These games may vary in format and playstyle: players can enjoy first-person shooting games, MOBAs, battle royale, sports, and more.
[/size]Players can interact with each other in the games and even hold competitive matches. They can earn experience, loot items, and trade with other players in-game. All the items that the player collects in the game can be exchanged for HMR tokens, which can then be used to purchase any items compatible across the different games created within the Homeros platform.
[/size]Pay-to-play games
[/size]Homeros also offers its players a number of pay-to-play games that can be purchased using HMR tokens. Game developers who already have established a reputation within the community can decide on whether to make their games F2P or P2P. These can also be developed in partnership between game developers and exclusive merchants.
[/size]Many of these games are expected to be critically-acclaimed by Homeros and the Hero Community. As the gamers are expected to be fewer in these games, the community can expect in-game loots to be valued at a higher price than from those in F2P games.
[/size]Level-specific and game-specific items
[/size]Players that seek to advance their gaming experience can acquire premium items with the use of HMR Token. These can be used to buy items such as skins, armor and weapons, gems, charms, nitro boost, and many more depending on the game and the player level.
[/size]Using the Hero Marketplace, players can list their in-game items and sell them to others. Players who are interested in buying a specific item can request and negotiate with potential sellers and pay in HMR.
[/size]HMR Exchange Listing
[/size]1) Coinsbit
2) Crex24
3) DigiFinex
4) HotBit

[/size] For More Information on HMR Price Kindly with the website


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