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Author Topic: OMPx: The Game Owned By Everyone  (Read 1079 times)

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OMPx: The Game Owned By Everyone
« on: April 16, 2018, 09:55:09 PM »

Hey Guys

We've just launched a new crypto app/game - OneMillionPixels (ompx dot io). And have already taken the 5th place on DappRadar. And more than 2mln tokens have been sold. is meant to be a shared creative, marketing and investment place – all at once and powered by blockchain. (Actually, for a digital canvas 1000x1000 pixels it’s rather bold, but we’ll manage :)

So how does it work? Just place your art or promo on the canvas and invite people to marvel at it. As others join to do the same, the canvas and your art on it gets more and more attention. But there is more: every time somebody purchases OMPx tokens to draw - you earn!

What special about that? Economics. In OMPx all money somebody spend for buying token goes not to creators, but accumulated on smart-contract account. This allows to any token-holder sell token to smart contract any time!

In simple words it works like that:
- Every time somebody buy token, price grows.
- Every time somebody spend token for drawing, price grows even more.
- Every time somebody sell token, price drops.

Check it out and, please, give me some feedback!
Sorry, cant post links, so... [size=78%]ompx dot io[/size]


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