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ROY Club. Passive income. Joint paramining cryptocurrency PRIZM.

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Some info about PRIZM (PZM):
As everyone already knows, PRIZM (PZM) is a fully decentralized and self-regulated electronic currency. Allowing any user to quickly and reliably make money transfers.

The main tool for the development of a network of users is forging (from the English. Forge - "forging"). All transactions within the system are subject to a fee of 0.5% * of the transfer amount distributed among those network users who participate in the generation of Blockchain. For the formation of the block, the system rewards the amount of commissions paid for carrying out all transactions in the block. Thus, each user of the network can count on a reward from the system for generating new Blockchain blocks.

Cryptocurrency investment component:
Since the extraction of new monetary units is based on the principle of paramining, then buying at least one moment of PRIZM in your wallet you will begin to generate new coins. The speed of mining of new coins depends on the number of coins in the wallet, the more cryptocurrency the higher the paramining speed, the higher your profitability. Look at the growth of coins in percentage terms per day depending on the quantity.

With a monthly calculation of profitability, we do not forget to include a compound interest, since capitalization is constant and new interest is calculated on previously generated. To increase the speed of para-mining of coins can be done by building a structure underneath; the multiplying factor depends on the number of coins on the wallets of partners in your structure by 888 levels.

For example - at the moment the structure "Roy Cash" is successfully functioning. The structure of the joint paramining cryptocurrency PRIZM (PZM). The project is based on the features of PRIZM cryptocurrency:
The more coins collected at one address and the more its structure - the faster new coins are mined.
Members registering with the club and replenishing the balance, begin to participate in the PRIZM joint paramining.
Need money?
Interested in passive income?
We are ready to help you!
Invest in joint paramining in the ROY club.

Changes on the site ROY.

We are glad to share with you the latest news about the development of our site. Perhaps some of you have already noticed and appreciate the changes.

Recently we:

Added useful links to the roadmap and the page with the ideology, so you can quickly find the information you need.
Added a search function for addresses on the page with the structure of the affiliate network. Now find yourself or your partner at times easier.
Improved functionality and layout on the blockchain page. Now everything loads faster, search and navigation have become more convenient.
Added thematic design of the site in honor of March 8. On behalf of the entire male half of the ROY Club once again we congratulate dear women! You give us the strength to reach new heights and change this world for the better. For your sake we are ready for any exploits :)

Every day we work hard to improve the site of the ROY Club. After all, our site is the face of the entire community.

Follow the news: there will be many more small and fairly large changes ahead that will make the work more comfortable, more pleasant and easier.

Need money?
Interested in passive income?
We are ready to help you!
Invest in joint paramining in the ROY club.


Roy club
This is the only community on the Internet, on earth, in the world that has no signs and is not a financial pyramid.

Because each member of the community has the opportunity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that all their accumulated coins, even if 100% of the participants want to do it in one day, they can easily do it.

The advantages of the club "ROY"

We use PRISM cryptocurrency:

* Income up to 29.99% per month (up to 0.88% per day)
* No loss of funds (restart, reboot, bench impossible)
* Growth rate "ROY" after each transaction: several times per hour
* The withdrawal at any time of the full amount with interest and bonuses in automatic mode
* The recommended amount of 100 coins

Bonus program:

* 9-level affiliate program - 5% 2% 1% 0.5% 0.2% 0.1% 0.1% 0.05% 0.05% which allows you to get a decent reward for building a team.
* Affiliate bonuses started immediately and without interest.
* There are no divisions into structures: locomotives, turboprisms, royprism and other currents, this tool is available to all participants, young and old.
* There is no opportunity for bonus fraud - the participants themselves pay partner bonuses to each other.
* Affiliate ranks for the number of followers and turnarounds, upon reaching which will be given cool expensive gifts.
* Deactivating non-active partners
* Allowed to use multiple accounts to build a network

* The system is built on the private blockchain itself, which protects against intruders / hackers
* The system uses hot and cold cats.
* Protection against Phishing - there are no logins and passwords, you can participate without registration simply by entering your wallet number
* The output is available only for registered cats.

How does everything work?
The project is based on the features of PRIZM cryptocurrency:

* The faster the new coins are mined.
* Users took part in a joint paramining of PRIZM.

All club members can receive affiliate bonuses.
When you attract newbies - you get bonuses, when your partners attract newbies - you also get bonuses!

The commission for entering 10% is Debna, which works for the benefit of the entire Club, because it:

* Clubs from referral schemes, under which participants cannot steal money
* Pays off in 11 days
* Allows you to instantly pay bonuses, which prompts inviting newcomers to the Club
* Provides the maintenance and development of the club

“ROY Club” is a PRIZM cryptocurrency para-mining platform uniting participants all over the world.

Need money?Interested in passive income?We are ready to help you!Invest in joint paramining in the ROY club.

Roy Website Update

Hello, friends!
Good news again! We have very few minor changes here on the site. As always, we report to you on the work done :)

1. Coloring the colors of outgoing and incoming transactions
2. Corrected warning when entering the club, BTC Alpha
3. Made localization of the blockchain, where it was necessary
4. Made marks in the tasks in the 1st quarter:
5. New design and layout for PRIZM wallet
6. Corrected omissions on the PRISM wallet
7. Auto-update transactions and balance
8. Removed extra version in mnemonics.
9. Added presentations in English:

10. Added address mask in PZM wallet during withdrawal.
11. Transfer "withdraw" button to the top of the PZM wallet
12. Added ability to hide / reveal transactions in PZM wallet
13. Auto-update of balance and transactions in PZM wallet
14. Replaced the text entry field in the recall so that you can add multi-line text in the ROY Club.
15. Corrected the calculation of commissions in the wallet PZM
16. Made a check of the correctness of the public wallet when withdrawing PZM
17. Counterparty withdrawals in PZM wallet receipt transactions
18. Removed the theme of flowers on March 8 and returned the design ROY

In general - many small updates.

There are still a lot of changes ahead, stay tuned! Reviews and recommendations for the further development of the site.

Need money?
Interested in passive income?
We are ready to help you!
Invest in joint paramining in the ROY club.

Details on the link:

Wallet Development ROY PRISM

Attention, friends!
We do not recommend you to use PRIZM mobile wallets from the Play Market and the App Store. There are no guarantees that such an application is protected from hacking and phishing.

People periodically come to us with complaints about the theft of coins. We study such appeals and find that many deceived users installed questionable applications, disregarded the issue of security.

The attackers, thanks to phishing software and viruses, collect mnemonic phrases and transfer coins from other people's wallets to themselves, including taking out all the coins from the ROY Club.

Follow the safety precautions yourself, tell your new partners about the measures you need.

In this regard, we are starting to work on the ROY PRIZM mobile wallet, which:

- It is created in seconds. The system generates for you a mnemonic phrase that you save and use the wallet.
- Easy to handle, allows you to manage existing wallets.
- Equipped with the most necessary functionality. You can deposit and withdraw funds, view and control all transactions.
- Maximum protected. The wallet does not store private keys, it has the function of signing a message for withdrawal from the ROY Club.
- Free. Always and for all.

When developing a new application, we place maximum emphasis on security and protection against hacking.

As soon as the application is ready, we will inform you about it.
Follow the news and be careful!

Need money?
Interested in passive income?
We are ready to help you!
Invest in joint paramining in the ROY club.

Details on the link:


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