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--- Quote from: valenomonter on September 15, 2023, 09:10:51 PM ---Hello, dear forum users! I want to express my gratitude to the moderators and administration for creating this thread and the information provided on this page. The rules posted in this section seem to me to be extremely useful and relevant for everyone who plans to purchase goods or services on the forum.

I am very glad that the main emphasis is on the safety of movements and ensuring that users are not at risk of fraud. The importance of verifying sellers and their reputation cannot be underestimated given the number of crypto-focused scams out there.

I would also note that feedback from moderators and their assistance in resolving conflicts or disputes between users gives confidence in the support of the administration, which can prevent possible negative situations.

I strongly recommend that all users pay attention to this information, even if they have been communicating on the forum for a long time - this way, together we will make it even safer.

--- End quote ---
Yes, because otherwise they blame the forum itself

Thank you for the information it turned out to be useful for me

I am surprised that this forum also sales and purchase the things here too.
what If I show my money and show myself a serious buyer of bitcoin.. who is gonna sale me the bitcoin? I want everything with legal procedure, I don't want my money lost.


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