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Author Topic: [Selling] ░▒▓ Anonymous Reloadable Debit Cards + IBAN bank account ▓▒░  (Read 2753 times)

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Anonymous reloadable Visa / Mastercard debit cards with IBAN bank account [EUR/USD/GBP/PLN]

 ••••••••••••••••••••[ Key Features ]••••••••••••••••••••
 - cash out your Bitcoins at ATM (ask for instructions first)
 - complete cashing out Paypal, Skrill and other e-wallets solution (ask for instructions first)
 - bank account attached - receive bank transfers anonymously (SEPA/SWIFT, [censored], etc)
 - withdraw at any ATM worldwide
 - avoid taxation (it's like offshore)
 - anonymous secure banking / shopping
 - link the card and verify Paypal, Skrill and other e-wallets (ask for instructions first)
 - bank will never know who you are
 - full support provided when you buy from me, no delays of answers
 - pay in stationary stores, gas stations etc.
 - do secure online shopping - no risk of intercepting your main card's numbers by carders, you fully control the balance and no overdraft is possible
 - link with any websites that require IBAN bank account number for payments or verification
 - topping up prepaid phone SIM cards
 - load the card with money and give to someone. The next person will become a legal owner since the cards are transferable.
 - many other, just be CREATIVE !
 ••••••••••[ Pricing ]••••••••••
 You can choose from these currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, PLN. Tell me which one do you want after purchase.
 You can use any currency with the card but when you're not matching card's currency a conversion fee will apply.

 only 35$ / one CARD + 5$ Shipping
3 cards or more 33$ each + 5$ Shipping
5 cards or more 32$ each + 5$ Shipping
10 cards or more 30$ each + 5$ Shipping
25 cards or more 26$ each + 5$ Shipping

 Judge by yourself.
 USD: in stock
 EUR: in stock
 GBP: in stock
 PLN: in stock
 Please read the whole description before buying.
 ••••••••••[ Description ]••••••••••
 Are you tired of unreliable vendors? I provide professional support for my customers.
 you won't find those cards cheaper from reputable vendors and if you do, we will beat that price !
 I'm selling physical, real plastic Visa/Mastercard debit cards (with attached bank account) issued by one of the biggest polish banks: BZWBK S.A.
 You can find similar cards from other vendors issued by different bank: mBank S.A. but those are discontinued by MBANK and not available from the source at the moment.
 Forget about buying Mbank cards. If you are not polish, you will end up with your card blocked even if you never done anything remotely illegal. It will be enough to log in on their system with a foreigner IP and doing all the withdrawals and shopping outside Poland.
 That's why I stay away from mBank - I don't want to put my Customers into risk of losing the money.
 Each card has attached IBAN bank account number that can be used to send money directly to the card. The cards have all required information for doing that:
 Branch code, BIC/SWIFT, Branch address, IBAN etc. You can receive the money to that account (load the card) but you can't send money from the account to another one.
 The cards are valid for ~ 2 years. You can use those cards worldwide with small exeptions (see below).
 USD, EUR and GBP cards have included it's own PIN number in a sealed by bank envelope. I don't know the PIN number.
 They come with original accompanying letters/documents, I don't copy the tracks / cvv or do any other nasty things, I care only about selling the cards.
 There is no name attached to the card, you can register it with fake or real data. I can register the card for you using fake data. Small fee applies. You can also do it by yourself and you will receive a guide.
 The card's bank account will accept transfers under any name. The cards are transferable so no matter what name is used it is still legal.
 Those cards are 100% Legal, issued by a large legit Bank. You won't experience any problems with Customs or Law Enforcements.
 The bank won't know your name or any other details, the cards are not being sent directly from the bank to you. I will securely delete your delivery address ASAP. (please read my profile page as well).
 You will be 100% anonymous for the bank, Visa, Mastercard or for any other entity.
 They are easy to use: the bank offers a web interface to manage your card(s), change PIN, see current balance and more.
 If you don't need them to use physically there is a possibility to buy them without shipping. You just pay and I open the bank's envelope to give you all required details.
 Obviously there is no money on the cards. I just sell anonymous banking banking products, not stolen credit cards.
 ••••••••••[ Limits and Fees ]••••••••••
 Single transaction limit (for spending with the card): 1300 USD / 1000 EUR / 800 GBP / 4000 PLN
 Total that can be loaded within one year: 3500 USD / 2500 EUR / 2100 GBP / 10000 PLN
 Maximum balance (also maximum amount of loading transfer): 3500 USD / 2500 EUR / 2100 GBP / 10000 PLN
 Daily ATM withdrawal limit: 200 USD / 150 EUR / 130 GBP / 500 PLN
 If the limits are not satisfying you can use several cards obviously.
 ATM withdrawal fee in Poland: 2 USD / 1.5 EUR / 1 GBP / 5 PLN
 ATM Withdrawal fee outside of Poland: 3 USD / 2.5 EUR / 2 GBP / 10 PLN
 Currency Conversion: 2.8% (applies only to transactions not in original/native card's currency and only when EUR is NOT involved in conversion)
 Monthly maintenance fee : FREE
 Deposit fee: FREE
 Check balance / Change PIN / Check history at online interface: FREE
 ••••••••••[ About me ]••••••••••
 I'm established vendor, working hard to satisfy every customer and looking for long business relationships.
 I'm a nice guy, you can trust me Smiley and if you don't I offer 100% Escrow - you don't risk anything. Together with guarantee of delivery it creates "no risk" scenario for you.
 I always provide top class support for my customers. You won't experience answering delays or poor English like with other vendors.
 Dealing with me means for you a stable, fast and professional service.
 I never keep your data on my PC and I destroy proofs of shipment after delivery. Your details are not laying around.
 If you care about privacy I can give you my PGP key for delivery address encryption.
 ••••••••••[ Shipping ]••••••••••
 Delivery time:
 EUROPE: 3-10 days (normally max 5 days)
 CANADA, USA: 5-21 days (normally max 10 days)
 Other countries: 5-25 days (normally max 14 days)
 I respect your time and usually I send the items on the same or up to next business day.
 I provide following methods of shipping:
 - registered priority letter with tracking (it's fast and secure but requires signature upon delivery)
 - unregistered basic letter without tracking (no signature required but it's slow and may be risky)
 - global express (requires signature, it's the fastest method but also the most expensive)
 - free delivery for bulk card orders
 ••••••••••[ Methods of payment ]••••••••••
 - Bitcoins
 - PayPal
 ••••••••••[ Card limitations ]••••••••••
 According to new BZWBK's ToS the card's can't be used in the following countries:
 Libya, Somalia, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Peru, Panama, Argentina, Bolivia, Columbia, Turkey, Serbia, Kosovo, Ukraine, Moldavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Sudan, North Korea, Burma, Cuba and Syria.
 You can still buy them but the risk of blocking the card when using on these territories is higher.
 ••••••••••[ Safety ]••••••••••
 Like every other card these cards can be blocked by bank if they suspect fraudulent activity. Always check your card if it's not blocked before doing withdrawal. The best way is to try change the PIN number in banking panel.
 If you can change your PIN it means the card is active. From my experience 3-5% of the cards might get blocked. The good news is that these cards can be unblocked, see below.
 They're still very good for anonymous cash outs, but always check if card is active before doing any withdrawals - just in case. I advice against keeping the money all the time on the cards, just do you anonymous payment / withdrawal and minimize the time of holding the money on the card.
 Check if you can change the PIN number before doing next withdrawal and repeat Smiley. This way it's really hard to get frozen your money.
 Those are a littlebit paranoid safety tips, but better be safe than sorry.
 I'm not responsible for the money that you put on the cards. You load the cards at your own risk.
 Even if the worst happens there are still 3 methods of retrieving the money.
 - personal visit in one of the bank's branches located in Poland
 - calling their support line (ask me for instructions)
 - sending them an e-mail (ask me for instructions).
 For all of those methods you need to give them your passport/ID copy and proof the source of the money. I can't act as your representative because of various reasons.
 That's the price of anonymity. Just follow my security tips and you'll be fine. I have a whole bunch of satisfied customers.
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