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Bubblemates - New NFT Hype 2022




Bubblemates - New NFT Hype 2022


Bubblemates are 10.000 digital collectible ERC721 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain that offers a lot of benefits and great utility. With over 45 hand-drawn traits, you're guaranteed to have a unique mate. There's one Golden Bubblemate - are you ready to mint him and win 1 Full Bitcoin?

We just wanted to create something special for all NFT lovers and give a lot of money back to you, our community for supporting and believing in us!

mint will be on 29. April 2022. Already Check out our Instagram, Twitter, and our Website for Giveaways and more. We giveaway 45 ETH, BTC, 3 Azuki NFts, and more Stay tuned and save your own Bubblemate<3




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