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 Most people are desperately seeking financial freedom in their life. Sadly financial freedom remains a dream to them or an elusive theory that forever escapes them. The biggest problem around financial freedom is some magic formula or some secret success model that they believe exists, they spend an endless amount of time, effort and even resources in obtaining this magic formula or the secret success model. Just some of them find it, while others keep searching again and again...

But where is the problem- there is always the solution.

We are here to introduce you NeuralTrade Network- the platform, which helps you to achieve your goals in building your personal financial freedom. NeuralTrade Network is a decentralized blockchain-based neural network, which predicts cryptoexchanges signals and combines neural network technology with artificial intelligence and machine learning with a view to build a perfect easily accessible extremely simple and understandable crypto trading tool- NeuralTrade Platform. NeuralTrade Network is a new economic ecosystem, it's a blessing for everyone, no matter you are the experienced crypto trader or just the beginner, it helps everyone to earn great profits easily.

NeuralTrade Network unites machine learning/AI developers, front end/back end specialists, blockchain experts, UI/UX designers, Big Data engineers, DAO and web-APPs developers.
As a result of synergy, there is a creation of the unified ecosystem that provides incentive and helping mechanisms for all platform users.
Our mission is to empower our token holders with state-of-the-art algorithms, which will allow them to increase their profits. NeuralTrade Network provides these tools in a user-friendly way, our Platform is a place where anybody can earn money with no advanced technical knowledge required.NeuralTrade Network is a breakthrough in the crypto trading industry that combines the great advantages of blockchain technology with neural network potential.We provide the empowerment, access and tradability so anyone can take part in creating a viable easy-to-use platform for both the beginners and the skilled crypto traders. We introduce a new alternative for Machine Learning market participants interaction by making an extremely simple tool for crypto trading market.
We have a vision that everyone can trade cryptocurrencies in a safe and easy way and achieve his goals in building personal financial freedom. We are not saying we will definitely give the financial freedom to our users, but it will be much easier with the help of our features and a little bit of passion achieving.

Our team intends to build a community-based crypto trading Platform where people are likeminded and focused on success.We will launch a DAO on the NeuralTrade Platform basis, where all the token holders will be participants, this will ensure continuous and full-scale training of the neural network for the fastest results achievement.One of the key points of the Platform is that holders will not only spend their tokens by buying forecasts but also earn by their activity. For this purpose we will create an application with a simple intuitive interface for uploading cryptocurrency related news data, this activity will be paid with NeuralTrade (NET) tokens.
The choice of this mechanism is based on the fast scalability and proven effectiveness of the crowd wisdom, the fast network
scalability will allow bringing the accuracy of the forecast to 85-87% until the end of 2019. The amplification of forecasts
accuracy will increase the token price growth since outsiders will have to buy tokens in order to receive forecasts. This
ever-growing demand plus a small total supply (there will be only 10000000 NET tokens generated), will ensure constant
growth of the token price and its attractiveness to investors.

The NeuralTrade Platform functioning is based on two main components-
1. The network is monitoring the wide range of major cryptoexchanges and collects information concerning all trading operations in real time mode 24/7. This process is fully automated, it doesn't need human involvement. The network "knows" all the history of every connected coin. This approach allows the network to get the most up-to-date and complete information to be able to make raw predictions on newly emerged coins and tokens and the correct short-term perspective of existing assets.

2. The information from crypto news aggregators is being uploaded into the network in two ways: the first is automatical collecting and uploading from crypto media outlets, the second is manual uploading from miscellaneous sources. In this case, the network is analyzing the information uploaded by users, multiple uploading of the same article is estimated as more important than the single article and the network may increase its weight. That's why we intend to improve the network speed and accuracy with the assistance of our community.

Every piece of data (both the information from exchanges and from media outlets) been evaluated by network's machine algorithms gets a numeric weight and coefficient, positive or negative.

Interconnecting, estimation and processing of all these components allow the network to generate forecasts, the continual comparison of the forecast and the market fluctuation in a specific time period allows increasing forecasts accuracy and terms day by day.

NeuralTrade Platform advantages. The key points.
1. Accessibility
Using our Platform you can get fast constant profit anytime and anywhere.You will get the convenient one-touch trading-on-the-go app and the reliable tool to win your trades. All you need to do is to buy enough tokens which will be used to pay for the forecasts of cryptocurrencies fluctuations.
2. Small investment availabilityYou can start trading with small amounts and constantly enlarge your capital without loss of funds.
3. Using simplicityYou don't need to have special knowledge or skill to understand and analyse technical information.The simple intuitive interface will suit all users, whether you are the beginner or an experienced trader.
4. Time saving You don't have to explore and analyze tons of everyday information.
5. Reliable long-term investment opportunity. We don't recommend to purchase NeuralTrade tokens with speculative purpose solely, althoughaccording to experts opinion, the price of NET can grow up to x10 during the first year after platform launch.

 To get more information about NeuralTrade Network you can visit our website and read the Whitepaper.
You are welcome to take part in NeuralTrade Bounty campaign.
NeuralTrade Network official resources:
Facebook / Telegram / Twitter / Medium / Github / Reddit / Steemit



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