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[ANN][NCH] Crypto Holding NEURONET [Pre-ICO]
« on: October 20, 2021, 05:14:51 AM »

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NEURONET is an innovative open source cryptocurrency resource.
NEURONET is a combination of a decentralized trading exchange with the best services.
NEURONET users can enjoy the best decentralized exchange trading experience without worrying about the security of their trading assets and anonymity. NEURONET also lowers technical and business barriers for novice traders.

We implement revolutionary technological solutions such as:
- NEURONET Exchange
The most advanced decentralized exchange. There are no services on the cryptoindustry market with a similar set of functionality and exclusive conditions.
- NEURONET Mining Pool
Mining pool with the most favorable conditions for miners.
-NEURONET Launchpad
A token issuance platform that allows entrepreneurs to bring the most innovative crypto projects to life.
 The official NEURONET wallet, which is a secure and decentralized wallet in which users can send, receive and store their digital assets.
 A revolutionary platform that combines the security of the NEURONET wallet with the convenience of regular bank cards. After registration, fill out the application, and within a few days we will send you a plastic card, which you can pay anywhere and in any currency from the balance of the NEURONET wallet.
-NEURONET Security
This is a security audit using the power of artificial intelligence.
NEURONET white paper

Learn more about our project from the source
Who is Crypto Holding NEURONET for?
1. Experienced and novice traders.
The NEURONET exchange is the only exchange with the ability to deposit or withdraw cash balances. We work throughout Europe, USA, Russia, China (the list of reception points is constantly growing).
Withdrawing fiat funds to Visa, MasterCard cards / accounts.
The lowest commission on crypto-exchanges, from just 0.1% per transaction.

2. Miners from anywhere in the world
By selling your cryptocurrency on an exchange, you are guaranteed to get the highest rate and avoid unnecessary intermediary fees. Only we have a mining pool, exchange, exchanger all on one platform, you no longer pay commissions to three different platforms. NEURONET's commission for miners is 10 times lower than on other platforms.
Convenient, automated transaction without leaving your computer, from the start of mining to the withdrawal of fiat in just three simple steps:
-connect to the NEURONET mining pool (NEURONET wallet is automatically created upon registration)
-start your farm
-Set the payment threshold and enter your bank card details.
Receiving fiat on any card of any bank or in cash at specialized points around the world.

3. Cryptocurrency exchangers
Several integration options.
Low fees for sending cryptocurrency.
Many exchangers are already making money on NEURONET, join.
Contact us to find out about possible integration options.

4. Entrepreneurs with promising ideas
To conduct an ICO on our exchange, you just need to send us your token information and whitepaper. The NEURONET system will analyze the proposed listing token. And within 72 hours you will receive an answer about the decision. If the decision is positive, it will be necessary to transfer the new tokens to the exchange account and launch the ICO.

5. Crypto enthusiasts
To launch an independent listing on our exchange, you just need to create your own token, place orders and launch the listing. It's simple.

Unique loyalty policy NEURONET
- Found a mining pool cheaper than ours?
We will offer you a guaranteed tariff, lower than that of any competitor, and start mining for a month for free !!!
- Did you find transfers to the card cheaper than ours?
We release you from commission for a month and provide you with exclusive conditions for transfers !!!
- Do you want 0% currency exchange commission?
Exchange of any cryptocurrencies through your own NCH token is always without interest !!!
We have a strong team and we have already achieved a lot:
2009-2012 Development of a number of unique automated trading systems in the securities and futures market.
2012-2016 Analytics, analysis, creation of experimental developments, passion for artificial intelligence.
2016-2020 Provision of services in the field of protection against cyber attacks. Development of NEURONET artificial intelligence. Development of new blockchain technology.
2021 Beginning of testing version 1 of the NEURONET protocol.
How to participate in Pre-ICO
During the Pre-ICO stage, 100 million NCH coins were issued.
Pre-ICO of the asset (token) NCH ends on November 20, 2021.
During the Pre-ICO period, the cost of NCH is reduced by 5 times.
Everything is extremely simple, you only need to spend 10 minutes to buy NCH. There are detailed instructions on our website.

Sale date: Oct 20 to Nov 20, 2021
Pre-ICO will last only 30 days, the number of tokens is limited !!!
NCH ​​price at the Pre-ICO stage: $ 0.20.
NCH ​​Listing Launch Price: $ 1.00
After the launch of the NEURONET exchange, we will launch a token buyback program at prices 5 times higher than the Pre-ICO price in order to avoid inflation.
Participate in Pre-ICO:
Telegram: @NeuronetCH
Twitter: @NeuronetExchang
Facebook: groups / neuronetexchange
Website: NeuroNet.Exchange

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Re: [ANN][NCH] Crypto Holding NEURONET [Pre-ICO]
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2021, 03:49:33 PM »

Welcome to participate in our airdrop.
Want to get NCH coins for free? Participate in Neuronet Airdrop / Bounty and earn up to $ 7000 NCH. [nofollow]

💰 Value: +60 NCH
👥 Referral: +10 NCH
📢 Top 50 participants with most referrals will receive extra 1,000 NCH each.

📃 About Neuronet:
NeuroNet.Exchange [nofollow] is the cryptoindustry of the future! We are implementing revolutionary technological solutions using artificial intelligence.

📅 End Date: 20th November, 2021
🏦 Distribution Date: 22th November, 2021

Go to Google form, complete the tasks & submit your details to earn more than 7,000 NCH tokens.

💰 Submit an interesting video about the NEURONET project on TikTok (up to+ 300 NCH tokens).

💰 Create a message about the NEURONET project in any Facebook, Telegram or Twitter group with more than 5000 members (100 NCH tokens).

💰 Like and comment on our forum threads bitcointalk, altcoinstalks, steemit, bitcoin, bitcoingarden (20 NCH tokens per forum).

💰 Submit your article or post to Reddit (20 to 1000 NCH tokens).

💰 Submit your article on Steemit (20 to 2000 NCH tokens).

💰 Submit an interesting video about the NEURONET project on YouTube (20 to 2000 NCH tokens).

💰 Create a post on a popular blog and share the benefits of NEURONET (20 to 100 NCH tokens).

The more likes you get, the more we'll pay.

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Re: [ANN][NCH] Crypto Holding NEURONET [Pre-ICO]
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2021, 04:31:37 PM »
🔥The end of the 4th stage of Pre-ICO in 24 hours. 💥 Buy now: [nofollow]

What early investors can get:
✅Buying NCH coins at a bargain price.
✅ х7 profit at the beginning of IDO-Q1 2022
✅ х100 profit after adding the coin to Binance-Q2 2022

NEURONET is the crypto exchange of the future.
NEURONET.Exchange is a unique DEX exchange based on artificial intelligence.

NEURONET creates an ecosystem that allows you to get the best conditions for working with cryptocurrencies:
👉 Exchange of various cryptocurrencies without commission.
👉 Commission for miners is up to 10 times lower than on other platforms.
👉 Issuing a NEURONET card tied to the balance of your cryptocurrency wallet. Shop and withdraw cash with minimal commission anywhere in the world.

✅ 2% of all exchange transactions on the exchange are distributed among all participants.

☄️  How to buy? Everything is very simple:
1. Create an account on our token sale page: "Buy NCH Token" [nofollow]
2. Log in, select a payment method and the number of NCH tokens you want to buy.
3. Complete the payment to our wallet. That's all! Enjoy your NCH tokens!
The whole process will take you no more than 5 minutes.

📝 BSC contract address: 0x02dbb44417a5d7bcb3418b98b0ba0ef2925cf38c
📱 Telegram group [nofollow]


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