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[ANN] Green Uni Network - Online Learning in Informatics and Computer Science

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Green Uni Network - European Diplomas in Informatics and Computer Science - Online (Blockchain)

Getting a computer/IT diploma from the best European high schools and colleges is anything but easy. In fact, getting admission to one such college is extremely arduous. Then, there is the high tuition fee that not everyone can afford.

Well, the Green Uni Network brings a solution through which anyone from anywhere in the world can get a European diploma in Informatics & Computer Science without the need to leave their home or work.

What is Green Uni Network?

The Green Uni Network is a blockchain platform that “enables a huge number of people from all over the world (over 600 million in India and China) to obtain a higher education degree with a legitimate “European diploma” without leaving the family and work environment.”

Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Native token: Greeny Token

Problems that the Green Uni Network is trying to solve

Education in IT and European diploma is expensive and hardly accessible.

❇️ High cost of education in European colleges

❇️ Lack of access to education and visa problem

❇️ The problem of accuracy in content

❇️ Corruption problem

❇️ Access to education on the basis of identity or ethnicity

Our Products & Platforms

Greeny Token: the native utility token that fuels all platforms and services of the Green Uni Network and ensures seamless and secure payment of education services, products, etc.

Smart Student Platform: the main educational platform through which students can enroll for the best European diplomas from top universities & colleges. More than 3,000 It courses by top educators in informatics and computer science.

Smart Student App: a dedicated mobile (Android) app to enable students to learn from anywhere, even on the go.

E-Library: Integrated online library to explore and find books online

E-unimag: the official online store of the Green Uni Network to buy educational resources, textbooks and literature.

Four main functions of the Greeny Token

1. Users (students) can pay using Greeny tokens for educational products and services on the Smart Student platform and on all other platforms in the Green Uni network.

2. It acts as a tool for receiving bonuses, discounts and other offers in the ecosystem.

3. Holders of Greeny tokens also get the right to vote when discussing proposals and taking decisions for the development of the Green Uni network.

4. The token will be listed on crypto exchanges to enable trading on the open market.

How to get involved?

People looking to get a European diploma through the Green Uni Network can join the community by purchasing Greeny tokens.

Those looking to simply invest in and profit from a high-potential project in the education space can join by purchasing Greeny tokens in the ICO.

Greeny Token ICO & Tokenomics

✅ Total supply: 1 billion
✅ Max ICO supply: 50 million
✅ ICO soft cap: 1,000
✅ ICO hard cap: 50,000
✅ Payment method: Binance (BNB)

✅ ICO will be conducted in three phases:

a. Private sale
b. Pre-sale
c. Public sale

✅ Utilization of funds raised:

❇️ 40% For core development of Greeny tokens and improvement of blockchain platforms
❇️ 10% For operating, management and administrative expenses
❇️ 40% For marketing, business development
❇️ 10% Legal compliance

Loyalty Program

There is also a Loyalty program that will allow members to receive discounts when paying for educational services in the Green Uni network, loyalty rewards and additional discounts when paying with Greeny tokens.

✅ Official website:

Greeny Token is the native crypto token for the Green Uni Network that gives access to all the existing and future platforms of the network. You can use Greeny Tokens to pay for education services & products, receive bonuses & discounts, vote on important decisions, and trade on the open market.

The development strategy of the Green Uni Network is created through a serious scientific approach and research to effectively deal with conditions of uncertainty. The plan covers strategic management of resources, which include medium-term and operational plans, use and management of budgets, policy, procedures, rules, etc. At the same time, the strategy covers possible risks as well as plans for the strategic growth of the process in order to obtain the desired results and a systematic increase in the value of the Greeny token.


Join Green Uni Network Airdrop to Win 1000 Greeny Tokens FREE!

Airdrop Start date: 20th June, 2022

Airdrop End date: 3rd July, 2022

Rewards: 1000 Greeny tokens for each participant

The Green Uni Network airdrop is limited to the first 10,000 participants only and reward tokens will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Check complete details at our official Twitter account.

When using Greeny Tokens to pay for educational services and products, students will get attractive offers and discounts along with cashback tokens in their wallets. They can also trade these tokens on the open market. Token holders get the right to vote on crucial platform decisions and proposals.


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