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Bitxind ICO - White-label IT Services Marketplace


Now a days every individual wants security, high returns for their investment and something in replacement of their investment.
Bitxind has developed a such platform where your hard money are secured in form of IT service.

Bitxind goal is to build a multi-billion token crypto-economy, by providing useful services to the public, whilst creating value for Bitxind token holders
✓ Ease interaction between buyers and sellers by creating an ecosystem where users can purchase or render IT services using our BXI tokens whilst holding their transactions on our Bitxind marketplace.
✓ Offer a DEX platform where our users can easily trade cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, LTC, DOGE, BXI and, so on.
✓ Offer business opportunities to individuals and small business owners by creating white-label re-seller, where they can earn $500 to $5000 monthly income by offering IT services to the worldwide clients.

Bitxind is an IT company have delved mainstream with an ecosystem that provides a variety of needed services within the crypto space. Nevertheless, with over 8 years of experience within the IT Industry, we aim to offer more.
Platform covers these four main sections:
•   IT Marketplace:
Users can buy services in real-time from Bitxind IT Marketplace.
•   Crypto Decentralized Exchange:
Allow users to trade top cryptocurrencies on Bitxind trading platform.
•   Reselling Platform:
We aim to offer white-label IT services reselling platform to all users.
•   Fund Security:
Your funds are secure in form of tokens, users can replace tokens with IT services.

At Bitxind anyone can buy IT services from the Bitxind marketplace using BXI tokens. Bitxind provide services to all businesses, professionals and individuals.

Bitxind offers…
✓ Domain registration services
✓ Linux and Windows-based
    Webhosting services…
   •   Vps servers / Rdp servers
   •   Dedicated servers
   •   Virtualizor dedicated servers
   •   Shared hosting
   •   Reseller hosting
   •   cPanel servers
   •   Plesk servers
✓ Crypto Nodes Servers
   •   Bitcoin Node
   •   Ethereum Node
   •   Other Crypto Nodes
✓ Server security
✓ DDOS protection
✓ SSL certificates
✓ Software development
✓ Website designing & development
✓ Search Engine Optimization
✓ Search Engine Marketing
✓ Social Media Marketing
✓ Cryptocurrency Promotion
✓ Script / Application Installation
✓ Viruses / Malware Removal
✓ Software / OS License
✓ Web-hosting Control Panel License
✓ Other IT Services


Bitxind's  native  token, BXI is  the  utility  token  forming the  backbone  of  the Bitxind  IT Services.  BXI token is based on Binance blockchain. Its total supply is 1 Billion.  BXI token holders can buy IT services by exchanging tokens with Bitxind. BXI token holders will be rewarded with various benefits on the trading exchange, and in our future projects.


Some benefits for BXI token holders include but are not limited to:
1. IT service purchase
    BXI token can be used to order IT services from Bitxind IT service marketplace. Users can order all IT services available on Bitxind marketplace. With BXI token all user are eligible to get 2% to 10% discount on all IT services from Bitxind marketplace.
2. Up to 60% Trading Fee Discount
    25% trading fee discount on crypto-to-crypto. We’ll offer a 25% trading fee discount to the user who pay fees using BXI tokens.
    60% trading fee discount on BXI-to-crypto. We’ll offer a 50% trading fee discount to the user who trade BXI-to-crypto pair
3. Token airdrop Applicable when different companies agree to provide tokens to Bitxind  users  in  return  for  listing  on  Bitxind  or  as  a  way  to  be  promoted  to  all Bitxind users. In such cases, we’ll distribute such airdrops based on the amount of BXI you hold.
4. Listing fee: There might be fees for listing tokens on Bitxind exchange, and you can pay the same using BXI tokens.

Bitxind has been built by a team of hardcore blockchain believers and crypto traders.

Total Token Distribution: 1,000,000,000 BXI
Soft Cap: 250,000,000 BXI
Hard Cap: 600,000,000 BXI

ICO Presale
BXI TOKEN RATE: $0.025 TO $0.035
Bonus up to 20%
Soft Cap: 100000000 BXI
Hard Cap: 250000000 BXI
START: 11-12-2021
ENDING: 31-12-2021

ICO Main Sale
BXI TOKEN RATE: $0.04 TO $0.08
Bonus up to 5%
Soft Cap: 100000000 BXI
Hard Cap: 250000000 BXI
START: 01-01-2022
ENDING: 31-01-2022


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