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India’s 1st NFT Marketplace - Novuszilla



Novuszilla has introduced its amazing platform that offers the convenience to trade, buy and sell NFTs as well as cryptocurrency. They have stepped into the industry to connect the entertainment industry to blockchain technology. Their collaboration with famous personalities in the industry offers the users a chance to bid on their favorite artists' NFTs. They have the vision to remove the distance between the commoners and celebrities by introducing NFT collections by a range of well-known personalities from the film industry, sports industry, music industry, and other sectors. If you want to secure success in the NFT industry, you may rely on the spectacular collections being introduced by our platform. Go get started register with India’s 1st NFT Marketplace Novuszilla now.

Entertainment Industry Based NFT Marketplace in India

Novuszilla is an Entertainment Industry Based NFT Marketplace in India that makes it easy to create, sell, and collect rare digital art by artists around the world.  The smart contract will allow artists to release limited edition digital artwork that will be tracked on the blockchain, making art rare, validated, and collectible.  Once an NFT is sold to a buyer, it can be resold on various NFT marketplaces. With Novuszilla, authors will continue to earn fees each time an NFT is resold. Therefore, as an NFT art marketplace, Novuszilla guarantees that digital artists will automatically pay royalties for works long after they are sold.



Get connected with your favorite artists with Novuszilla’s entertainment industry-based NFT Marketplace. NFT collections by various celebrities are dropping soon!!


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