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Investment into STC / Studentcoin - good idea or waste of money?


Hi there,

I would like to ask you a question. In the last weeks / months I was checking BTC, ETH and LTC prices really often. I still can not believe that bitcoin price really growed up to more than 60.000 dollars. ETH to more than 2000 dollar sand litecoin scratches close to 300 dollar.

In past I did not invest anything into cryptocurrency, and I am not sure if it isalready to late to buy some coins...

However, I discussed this problem with a good friend of mine. He is investing in cryptocurrency for more than 6 years and told me not to buy any of this coins at the moment. He suggested me to buy some coins of a specific ico.

He told me that there is a really high potential in the so called STC Coins ( Studentcoin) because they are based on Wave blockchain and you can create personal token, company token, NFT token, Defi token – everythink that is hyped – + on 150 universitys available right now.

So i bought coins for 50$.

Do you think it was a good invest?

You can check it out here (my ref link, i would be happy if you use it)

however you can find it here, too :


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