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Brent Allsop, the "Crypto Currency Survey" guy.




My name is Brent Allsop.

I'm one of the growing number of volunteers working on promoting Bitcoins with the the newbielink: [nonactive] at newbielink: [nonactive].

Please help with things like getting a Bitcoin ETF approved by signing the open survey petition, or help the newbielink: [nonactive]predict newbielink: [nonactive], and so on.

As is usual with most revolutions, the fearful, ignorant, mistaken, bleating of the herding masses is going into overdrive trying to supress this revolution.  But this kind of mistaken bleating always self sensors in open survey systems like  So help the still minority expert consensus grow and expand and finally be heard above all this popular bleating noise.


Brent Allsop


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